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planning on a budget.

as a teacher and single gal, i’m on a budget.  but i LOVE planning.  it’s quite a conundrum.  (not really, i just like using the word “conundrum”.)  planning on a budget is all about making the system work for you.
here are a few tips that work for me:

  1.  careful etsy buying – whenever i’m looking to buy something on etsy, i usually let it sit in my cart for awhile and really make sure that i want it before i take the leap.  you can also load up your cart before a big collective sale.  then you can narrow down what you really want.
  2. speaking of collective sales… – often you can get great deals from the collective sales.  they are usually the best sale of the year (besides black friday) for the shop.  also, look for when shops that don’t normally have sales join a collective sale.  it may be the only sale they will have all year.
  3. use instagram – sellers post sales all the time.  those coupon codes can save you bookoos of mulah!  you can also sign up for their “VIP” emails for secret, early, or better sales.
  4. use planner girl PR codes – if you follow some PR girls for shops that you really like, they will often post sales, special codes, and more.  i’m pretty choosy on who i follow because honestly, some of them can get annoying.  but others do it really well.  i happen to think i do.  i keep all my PR stuff in my IG stories so that you can skip it easily.  i’m a PR girl for sadie’s stickers.  use code TAYLOR20 for 20% off in her shop.
  5. white space planning doesn’t get the cred that it deserves.  you have to be very creative when using white space.  not only is it cheaper, but it forces you to think more about what you are doing and try new things.
  6. spreading kits out- think about investing in one kit and using it two or three times.  (again – white space planning comes in handy!)  also, some shops sell one page kits.  these are a great option to add in to help stretch a kit.
  7. challenge yourself! – if you need to take a break from buying kits, challenge yourself to a no-kit week.  you may also want to try a pen only spread, a washi only spread, a happy planner week, etc.
  8. bargain buying at michaels – on the michael’s app, there is always a 40% off coupon.  i will use it to buy one big happy planner sticker book and get it for $9 and change.  i don’t even mind going back the next day to buy a different thing if i have my mind set.  happy planner accessories and washi also go on sale just about every month.  and they’re good sales!
  9. swapping – a good way to get lots of different kinds of washi is to swap.  i’ve done it at meet-ups and with friends.  no one uses up an entire roll of washi, do they??  same goes for stickers.  the easiest way to swap washi is to cut off some, wrap it around a playing card, and swap a couple of yours with someone else.
  10. go cheap with new things – when you want to try out a new method or style of planning or maybe even a new type of planner, don’t splurge on the product you really want first.  you may come to find out that you don’t even like that thing.  then you’ve wasted a bunch of money on something you won’t use.  so instead of buying a foxy fix travelers notebook to start out with, check out etsy and find a cheaper option.  i found one from leather quill that i love.  it’s a different style that what i ultimately want, but for now, it works perfect for me, the color is cute, the leather is great quality.
  11. use what you have – this can include post-its, colored pencils, colored pens, cheap stickers from target or walmart (they have the cutest animal ones), erin condren label stickers in the back of your planner, whatever!!  use whatever you have laying around!  because here’s the real secret… there are no rules!!!

originally posted on 3.8.17

2 thoughts on “planning on a budget.

  1. Great post! It is great to think things through before making purchases, and YES to following shops on Insta! I always wait for good sales because you know they are coming!

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