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january 2018 update

okay… so we are about halfway through january so that’s a good point to reflect on how the month is going.

i still haven’t weighed.  i don’t want to obsess, which can totally happen.  i used to weight almost every day and i know how damaging that can be for me so i try to only weigh about once or twice a month.

i’m doing well with the whole weekday vegetarian thing.  maybe too well!  i feel like i’m only eating meat products once or twice a week.  i feel good though and my skin is clearing up.  i’m enjoying cooking again too.

i’m doing yoga a couple times a week.  i use videos mainly from yoga with adriene.  i just like her personality.  she is a good teacher but doesn’t take herself too seriously.

i’m loving my swim workouts.  they are hard, y’all.  so hard.  but i’m really enjoying it.  i already feel like it’s getting easier.  yeah, i’m sore every time that i do it, but i feel stronger and physically able to do more and more.  i think once i get stronger and in better shape aerobically, then i will try adding in some more things.  i really want to try a zumba class at the gym.  it just looks so fun.  i’ve done zumba before but never in public so i need to get over the fact that i’m going to dance like a chubby, white girl and just do it.

i’m adding in some strength workouts.  i’m try to do some more weight training.  i have to be careful with my bum knee (not the bruised one, the other one…I’M FALLING APART.) and my bum wrist (that i fractured years ago).  but i’m doing it!  i think the combo of the weight training, yoga, and swimming will help me a lot.


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