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february 2018 update

weighing.  i actually gained weight, which seems crazy.  but i have toned up some so maybe it’s muscle building. i am excited to see some actual changes.  the number can motivate me.  it’s obviously not doing that right now, but maybe i’ll take my measurements to see a more accurate view in the future.

weekday vegetarian.  i’m doing this maybe too well!  i feel like i’m only eating meat products once or twice a week.  i feel good though, and my skin is clearing up.  i’m enjoying cooking again too.

yoga.  i only did around one yoga session a week during february.  i think i need two.  that will be part of what i want to do in march.  (i use videos mainly from yoga with adriene.  she’s sweet, informative, and a texan.)

swimming.  i swam two times a week this month.  i think that’s my sweet spot.  the thing about swimming that is different from other workouts is the silence.  there’s so much of it.  i know i need it, but it also drives me crazy.  i prefer to listen to music or podcasts during workouts.  three times a week seems like too much too considering i want to diversify.  i’m loving it though.  i feel stronger not only with my muscles but with my lungs.  i’m building something.

strength.  i totally neglected strength workouts this month.  i was just distracted by other things.  i know i should do them, but swimming has been so much more appealing lately.  maybe i’ll shoot for once a week for march.

walking.  it’s still a bit chilly where i live, but it’s getting warmer.  i only walked twice this month.  i’m hoping that as it gets warmer and i get stronger, i will be able to go for more walks as a supplement to my daily workouts.

other.  i did go to the gym a couple times to use the elliptical.  i like that it doesn’t hurt my knees.  i would like to also do some hikes coming up.  there is a canyon close to where i live and it’s only $5 to get in for the day.  i want to make it a regular once or twice a month thing.

the plan for march:

  • 1-2 yoga sessions
  • 2 swim sessions
  • 1 strength
  • 1 walk or cardio
  • continue weekday veggie

past health updates:

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