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teaching tip 73. there’s always that one. avoid her. or him.

every school has the negative nancy.  we’ll call her ms. x.

she (or he) never sees the bright side.  she always looks for how something will negatively affect her.  she resists change and actively works against it.  she is stubborn and pushy.  she thinks she’s better than everyone else and the exception to every rule.  she longs for the good old days or looks forward to better ones when she’s in charge.  she points the finger at other teachers and the administration without a thought.  she refuses to take responsibility.  she’s forgotten that her students are the priority.  she doesn’t play well with others and even prefers to be the lone wolf.  while she wants to be the hero, she plays the victim.  you get the idea…

what’s strange is sometimes, she’s a good teacher.  or sometimes she just thinks she is.  or she has the potential to be a great teacher, but she can’t get past her negativity and ego to be great.

if you can, avoid her.  if you have to work closely with her, then try to be patient.  if you show her weakness, annoyance, or anger, she’ll turn on you in a second and use it against you.  it’s best to tread lightly.  be encouraging when needed, but don’t be drawn into the story she’s spinning.  instead, spin her own story positively and throw it back in her face…nicely.  if it gets to the point when you think you should, take documentation of incidents – write the date and about the incident.  it could be helpful later.

usually these people don’t stick around if the environment doesn’t support them.  but if ms. x does, then just be careful.  she may feel very powerful, like an evil villain.  and her negativity can infect you.  avoid this because other teachers will associate you with her attitude and put you in the same category.  instead, chose progress, positivity, and optimism.  it looks better on you anyway.


One thought on “teaching tip 73. there’s always that one. avoid her. or him.

  1. YES YES YES, it took me two full years of teaching to finally figure out this lesson. I have found I am in a much better place this year by avoiding the negative nancy in our building!

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