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march 2018 update

weighing.  i have gained more weight, sadly.  i am not really sure why.  i am eating well, but i refuse to change it or restrict it to something unhealthy.  i could be working out more and harder so that’s what i’m going to try.  i also need to watch my portions.  but still…i don’t know what’s going on.  i think i might need to go to the doctor to get bloodwork done or something.

weekday vegetarian.  still doing this well!  i am only eating meat one day a week, maybe two.  it makes me feel good.  i have zero stomach issues like i used to.

yoga.  i totally slacked on yoga in march.  i need to at least try for once a week – maybe on my rest days.

swimming.  i swam two times a week this month.  i am thinking of moving that up to three.  i tried it a couple times in march and i liked it.  i feel stronger and i know it’s the swimming because it’s the only thing that i do consistently.

strength.  i didn’t do enough strength workouts this month.  i know that i need to do more.  i think since it’s warming up, i want to double up on strength and walking.  so when i go for a walk, i couple it with a strength workout.  it’s doable.

walking.  i walked more this month for sure.  i want to make sure that i do something else with it though.  a walk alone on a rest day is fine, but i want to make sure i’m pushing myself.

other.  i wanted to go for hikes, but i couldn’t find a day to.  i will try to do that on a saturday in april.  i also am not utilizing the gym like i should.  i need to look into some more things to do there.

the plan for march:

  • 1  yoga session
  • 3 swim sessions
  • 1-2 strength workouts
  • 1-2 walks or cardio
  • continue weekday veggie
past health updates:

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