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teaching tip 70. never make big decisions in april.

april is the worst.

it just is.

in may, you can see the finish line.  things are winding down.  but in april, it’s still business as usual.  except the teachers are tired, the kids are restless, you’re in between state testing, there’s benchmarking, supplies are running out, school funds are dwindling…you get the idea.

it’s just hard.  it’s hectic and stressful for everyone.  and on top of all that, it’s also a transition time.  the administration and teachers begin thinking and planning for the next year.  there’s a lot up in the air.

so here’s something to think about:  never make big decisions in april.  wait until may.  things are still crazy in may, but there’s a sense of resolution.  you can close a door and open another one without it being messy.  but april’s different.

there’s one exception to this tip though… if by march, you feel that you need to make that change and that you’ve felt it for a long time, then go with your gut.  it’s the sudden decisions in april that you need to stop, question, and really figure out before moving in one direction or the other.



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