decorative planning

my planning style

i get a lot of questions on instagram and facebook about my planning style.  it’s unique and always changing.  i wouldn’t call it simple, but i wouldn’t call it simple either.

i’m a white space planner.

i’m a plan as i go (PAIG) planner.

i incorporate lettering but i’m still learning.

i love half boxes and quarter boxes.

i like little lists.

i keep my school to do lists and meetings up at the top because that’s what takes up my mornings and early afternoons.

i am always trying out new things to see what’s more efficient or useful.

i like pretty things but not necessarily girly things.

if foil fits with the theme, i’m going to use it.

workouts deserve an icon.

as the week progresses, i’m not afraid to rip something up with undo adhesive remover and changing the spread.

i put a H54F (high five for friday) list on fridays to keep track of my gratitude.

i like kits but i don’t feel the need to use everything in them.

i am constantly changing my sidebar and never really happy with it.

i use my planner all day every day.  she’s not just a pretty face.

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