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FAQ | memory planning

why call it “memory planning” when it’s already happened?  it’s not really planning…
sure, it’s already happened, but it’s in a planner soooo…
i like to call it mini scrapbooking because that’s a little more accurate, but the term memory planning seems to be what people use so that’s what i call it.  my version of it is more like scrapbooking though.  i journal and put in pics.  i do not just repeat a spread or do any sort of normal planning.

why memory planning?
i wanted a way to memory keep and this seemed like a good way to do it because i’m already so into planning.  i first saw the planner sophisticate do it.  hers is beautiful, but not really my style.  it took me awhile but i made it my own.  it turned out to be a great stress reliever.  if my anxiety is super high, it helps to sit down and have control over creating something beautiful and reflective.

how is it different than normal planning?
i do not include habit trackers or anything like that.  there aren’t any to do lists either.   i do use a lot of labels and half boxes to mark events or happenings.  i incorporate pictures often.  i tend to use all of my full boxes.  my sidebar is a short journalling section.  i use the monthly view for daily gratitude.

do you have more than one planner?
yes, i actually have three.  i added in my memory planner and traveler’s notebook along with my everyday planner this year.  i use an EC hourly currently for my everyday planner and an EC neutral vertical for my memory planner.  i find the vertical style works so well for my “plan as i go” style of memory planning that i’m going to switch back to it for my everyday planner when the time comes.

how do you choose what to put into a spread?
i just choose the big stuff, the important stuff.  things that i want to remember later.  they may be very small things sometimes.  but they’re the memories i want to keep.

since you share your memory planner with the world, how do you choose how personal you get? 
i’m kind of an open book when it comes to a lot of things and i enjoy sharing.  however, there are times where i am very vague about certain situations to protect the people involved and myself.  i do share things about my family, but i’m careful not to share too much and to only share my side.  i don’t ever share the school district that i work in or any pics of my students for confidentiality reasons.  if i include a pic of my nephew, i make sure it’s okay with my sister or that she’s given me permission.  one thing that i am pretty open about is my anxiety and seasonal depression.  i think it’s important for others to hear about it and for me to be vulnerable and open about it.  i have people tell me all the time that they love that i share that part of my life because they can relate to it and experience it too.

what supplies do i need to get started?
it’s as simple as a planner and some simple office supplies like a glue stick, washi, and some colored pens.  if you want to get fancy, you can buy sticker kits (i suggest mini kits bought on sale), glitter or foiled headers, and character stickers.

how do you print your pictures?
i do not have a fancy printer.  i use the picframe app on my phone to make a 3×3 collage (with 9 square pics) and then upload them into the walgreens app.  they print literally within minutes and i can go pick them up whenever.  it’s convenient because of the apps, and there’s a walgreens a block from my house so i can just drop by after work.  then i just cut them with my paper cutter when i get home and then use a dot runner to attach them to the page.

what size are the pictures?
i print a 3×3 collage on 4 in square prints.  so the pics are usually 1.3 in square.

what should i know before i try?
you’re going to have some duds before you find your style.  i looked to a couple other planner girls for inspiration, but when i tried their styles, it just didn’t fit me.  after about a month or so, i found my groove.  also, this can get expensive.  my main, everyday planner is my priority so it gets first pick on which kits i use.  (not literally – that would be weird.)  so my memory planner tends to be leftover spreads, kits that got moved down my list to use in my every day planner, and things i find on sale.  shops that offer good sales/good prices are usually where i look to find things for my memory planner.  but not always!  sometimes i find something really special that i keep just for my memory planner.

what about those boring weeks when nothing happened?
those are tricky.  i usually take the time to really journal.  on busy weeks, i don’t have the room for it, but on the slower ones, i do.  it’s a good opportunity to reflect because usually the boring weeks are when i have the time to think and get all in my feelings.  not in a bad way – just a reflective way.

how often do you sit down and memory plan?
about every two weeks or so.

do you memory plan every week of the year or just some of them?
i plan every week in my planner, but i usually do them in batches or two or three at a time.  if i wait too long, i forget what happened or lose interest so i try to get them done quickly.

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