true crime

they caught him.

they caught the east area rapist/visalia ransaker/golden state killer.

it’s the next day, and it still doesn’t seem real.  i legit cried at my desk yesterday at work because i was so happy and relieved and excited.  mostly, i was crying because michelle mcnamara didn’t live to see it.  and she so deserved to.

but her husband picked up the torch and led the way after she passed away.  god bless that man and the hundreds of other people who helped catch the bastard.  no, michelle didn’t solve it.  but she kept the murderer’s name out there, a name she came up with.  without her, there wouldn’t be the buzz and excitement around the past 24 hours.

i’m so so happy.

it’s hard to explain how true crime gives me joy, but it does.  it’s these moments when the bad guy is cuaght even after 40 years, when good triumphs over evil, that i love and that keep me interested.  it’s the hope that crimes get solved and families have peace.

it took awhile, but the stars aligned and the dna matched.  they fucking caught him.

my curiosity continues though.  i want to know why he did it.  what made him into the monster that he became?  why wasn’t he caught sooner?  why did he stop?  just why.

what’s also amazing is the community that we’ve created and how invested and excited they are.  the forums and facebook groups are exploding with comments and pictures of things they’ve found.  it’s a tornado of information and excitement that i’m so proud and happy to be a part of.

so what now?  we wait.  we wait for answers.  we wait for justice.  but we’ve waited so long that we can do it some more for the victims and survivors…and for michelle.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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