healthy living

april 2018 update

weighing.  i have lost three pounds.  it’s not much but we’re finally moving in the right direction.

weekday vegetarian.  still doing this well!  i was kind of skipping meat on the weekends, but have now purposefully added it back in.  but i’m very picky about my meat so it has to be high quality and humanely raised for me to feel good about it.  i do need the protein though.  i also added in more eggs during the week for this same purpose.

yoga.  i totally slacked on yoga in april.  i need to at least try for once a week – maybe on my rest days.  i find that it’s hard for me to quiet my mind and focus.  i know i need the quiet time though…

swimming.  i swam three times most weeks this month.  i love the feeling of pulling easily and strongly through the water.  it’s very motivating.  my arms are definitely toning up.

strength.  i still need to do more.  i found that i would overdo it one day of the week and was then too sore to do another strength workouts that week.  i need to both push and pace myself.

walking.  unless it was a rest day or i was super sore, i tried to do something else with my walks like a strength workout.

skin.  i always wear sunscreen when i go out to walk but i switched to a higher SPF.  I also got an aveeno face sunscreen to wear specifically on my walks.  my acne is bad.  it’s worse than it’s ever ever been.  but i’m back on my birth control (no migraines yet!), using a new skincare routine, and cutting out some dairy.  still, it makes me feel self-conscious.

other.  i meant to go on a hike, but there just hasn’t been a good weekend.  it’s either been too windy or rainy… may is going to be crazy busy so i need to stay focused.  at the same time, i will need to give myself a little bit of grace about it.

the plan for april:

  • 1  yoga session
  • 3 swim sessions
  • 1-2 strength workouts
  • 1-2 walks or cardio accompanied by something else
  • continue weekday veggie
  • animal protein on the weekend
  • remove some dairy from my diet to experiment to see  if it helps my skin
past health updates:

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