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overview of my 2018-19 Erin Condren life planner

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this is my fifth erin condren life planner!  it may surprise some of you that i am switching back to the vertical format.  i know, i know… i thought i was ride or die for the hourly, but it just wasn’t working for me anymore, and i didn’t like the changes to the hourly format (darker lines and times).  so i decided to take a leap and switch back.

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so this year, i went for a neutral vertical with a black coil.  i like the black coil because it always looks good and never chips.  i had problems with the rose gold a couple years ago, and i don’t want it to look bad since i know my planner goes through a lot each day from being carted around school and to and from home.  although some people think the neutral is too neutral, i don’t think so.  i like it!  it’s a blank slate, which is exactly what i want.  for my memory planner, which was a new edition to my planner stack last year, i did go for a gold coil because it lives at home.  i think it’ll be okay.

so this review is very long, but oh so thorough!   i’m a loyal customer to EC but i’m also honest in all my reviews.  i’ve included a video where i walk-through my new planners and accessories, and i give my thoughts but also some detailed notes below.

past year’s reviews if you’re curious! – 2015  |   2015-16  |  2016-17 | 2017-18

 •••the good•••

paper quality – the paper is the same as last year.  it’s very thick, maybe too think for me.  it also has a texture to it.  i wish it was a little smoother after writing on it for the past year.  however, it is definitely better quality from the previous designs.

size options – it measures about 9 1/4″ (high) x 8 1/4″ (wide), which is perfect.  not too big, not too small.  there are also now two other options: small and large.  but these are only available as hardbound and in only the vertical and horizontal formats.

NEW undated hardbound planner – if you like a hardbound planner and don’t use stickers, you can start using this one whenever you want.

length options – you can choose an 18 month or 12 month.  the 18 month is $5 more and worth it for me to create an academic calendar.  you can also now choose between july 2017-june 2018 OR january-december 2018 for the 12 month format.

laminated cover – it’s sturdy and thick.  it’s not going anywhere.  if there are any issues with it, the EC company will replace it or give you credits.  there’s also a new luxe option, but it’s permanent and i like the option to change.

cover customization – you can pick your cover and colors, classic or metallic.  they are also removable so you could order another cover (for around $8-13 plus shipping) and put it on your planner whenever you feel the need.  the new covers have a wet erase writing area inside the front and back covers.

heavy spiral coil – it’s super duty, heavy, and will not bend.  they come in platinum, gold, rose gold, and black.  there is an extra charge for any coil that is not platinum.

theme customization – you can choose between colorful or neutral.  both are beautiful this year, but i’m going with the neutral.

layout options – this is a personal preference thing.  the options are: vertical, horizontal, or hourly.

vellum overlay – every planner comes with a pretty vellum overlay at the front.  it matches your theme, colorful or neutral, in the new woven wonder pattern.  i actually like the new pattern.  it’s modern and cool.

ruler and planner bands – the clear ruler doubles as a page marker.  it’s also the perfect tool to cut washi tape.  the design is now even more subtle to see though it better.  the elastic band is extra, but i love it.  it keeps everything together when i’m on the go.  they also come in new, different colors.  (if you don’t want to splurge for the bands, you can totally use hair bands!!)

laminated tabs – they are durable and are not going anywhere.  with the thicker paper, they’re even more sturdy.

goal page – the goal page has big boxes for you to do whatever you want with.  i haven’t decided what i’m going to use them for but i’ll come up with something!

NEW 2 page monthly view – it’s enough room to see everything clearly.  i like the monthly goal and to do list on the right too.  there’s a new mini calendar in the corner to show you the next month.  handy!

NEW monthly notes page and quote – the notes page is back to just being lined.  i will kind of miss the circles, but i think i’ll incorporate something like that on the blank page now.  the quote page is across from the notes page and right before the monthly view.

2 page weekly view – it’s very simple and clean.  the fonts (in the neutral) are the same as last year and are gorgeous!  you can also choose between the horizontal, vertical, or hourly formats.

notes section – who doesn’t need a few notes pages?  there are some lined and some blank pages along with some dot grid paper.  there are also four coloring pages!  i kind of wish there were a few more lined pages, but that’s okay.

NEW keep in touch section – there’s one page at the back of the notes section for contacts. i will probably use it for passwords.

NEW stickers – they completely redesigned the stickers in the back.  some are foiled and scripted or pictures.  the foiled functional stickers are very versatile and pretty.  AND they match the monthly colors, which is cool.  plus there’s some plain labels in the back that match the monthly colors.  that was my one complaint about last year’s, but they totally fixed this and i love it.

pocket and zipper pouch – every planner should have these two things.  the pocket is reinforced to deal with wear and tear better.  one side is also the new shorter pocket with a cute quote on it.  the pocket design corresponds to whether you choose colorful or neutral.  the pouch has the new pattern on it and is removable just like last year.  a long coil clip is included so you can put it anywhere you’d like.

NEW accessories – new this year are the redesigned bookmarks, snap-in sticky notes in new patterns, different colors of wet erase markers, clip in bookmarks in new patterns, another designer sticker book, and new dashboards.

•••the not-so-good•••

there’s really not that many.  i fully admit that these are nit picky.

perpetual calendar – each planner comes with one.  i don’t really get the point of them, so i gift mine to someone each year.

black asterisk on the daily pages – last year, the asterisk was white and it was easy to cover if needed.  now it’s black.  i feel like they just changed it to make a change.  it wasn’t necessary.  i bet no one would complain about it if it wasn’t changed.

the tiny pocket in the back – on the keep it together folder in the back, there is a really nice pocket on the front and a tiny weird one on the back.  i wish they were just the same.  the little one doesn’t hold papers like the big one does.

the coil size – with the thicker paper, the coil needs to be bigger.  especially when i add in my stickers, it’s going to be a tight fit, and i’ll have to uncoil and take out some of the pages like i did last year.  i prefer my planner to all be together, but it’s just not possible any more.

the cost of the planner – it is $55 plus shipping costs for just the basic planner. at least the prices are the same as last year.   – really, i understand why the planner is expensive.  and it’s totally worth the money to me. this is a high quality product that i’ll be using every day as a planning tool and an artistic outlet. so i want it to be good.  and any problems i’ve had in the past couple of years have been remedied by the company at no cost.

shipping costs –  i wish there was free shipping for the launch, but that’s just me being a spoiled brat from amazon prime.  it has actually lowered from last year so that’s good!

leave me any questions in the comments on this post
or my youtube video, and i’ll answer as best i can!

check the erin condren site out HERE if you’re interested and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)




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