healthy living

may 2018 update

weighing.  i didn’t weigh, but i know i gained some.  i noticed some things about my body that told me this.  i don’t feel the need to actually weigh right now though.

diet.  i have not completely abandoned my weekday vegetarian thing.  in fact, i would like to work my way back to it.  i’m still not eating much meat now, but i decided that i needed a full reset so i am doing low carb.  not no carb.  when i cut out all or most carbs, my brain doesn’t work.  but i know that for my body as i get older, i need less carbs.  i’ve added in good, quality meat in small portions.  i know i need the protein if i’m going to really push my workouts.

yoga.  i did no yoga in may!  i need to at least try for once a week – maybe on my rest days or as an additional workout.  i find that it’s hard for me to quiet my mind and focus.  i know i need the quiet time though…

swimming.  i didn’t swim as much this month.  i was busy or out of town.  i will get back on it in june.

strength.  i still need to do more.  i found that i would overdo it one day of the week and was then too sore to do another strength workouts that week.  i need to both push and pace myself.  i think now that it’s summer, i can do two workouts a day and one of them can be a strength workout.

walking.  i need to get back to walking regularly.  like i’ve already mentioned, i think i can do two workouts a day – one harder and one less hard.  my less hard workouts can be walks.

skin.  i always wear sunscreen when i go out to walk but i switched to a higher SPF.  I also got a neutrogena SPF 70 face sunscreen to wear all the time.  it’s straight sunscreen so i can mix it in with my moisturizer and also wear it under makeup.  my acne is getting so much better.  i’m sticking to my skincare routine religiously.  my skin is extra senstive to the sun so i am trying to be diligent and wear sunscreen all the time every day.

other.  i’ve been wanting to go on a hike, but it’s been so so hot.  in fact, a woman died last week in the canyon due to the heat.  i already don’t handle the heat well.  but i wonder if i got up really early and went one morning.  that could work…  i’ve come to realize that i have been making excuses for myself.  i need to stop that and just do the work.

the plan for june per week:

  • 1  yoga session
  • 3 swim sessions
  • 3-4 strength workouts
  • 2-4 walks or cardio accompanied by something else
  • continue low carb with lots of veggies and quality animal protein
  • attempt a hike
past health updates:

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