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6•25 | murderino monday

i recently found a youtube channel from kendall rae.  it’s been around for awhile, and i wish i had found it sooner.  the videos are very well researched, and i like her storytelling style.  i’m not into all of her videos though (paranormal and alien stuff doesn’t really appeal to me), but her true crime videos are great.  i binged some of this this past weekend.  one of them was about natalie holloway.  this story was absolutely fascinating to me when it first came out on the news.  i was glued to the coverage, my mind spinning with all the possibilities of what happened to her.  over time, the story just became crazy… there were so many twists and turns and most of them came from the main suspect in the case, jouron van der sloot.

HERE is the video if you’d like to see it.

i guess i had forgotten some of the details of the aftermath, but i didn’t remember how much of a douche van der sloot was.  from the beginning, that sociopath took advantage of everything and everyone he could.  i am convinced he killed her and other people helped him cover it up.  i’d like to know the details because i’m curious and want the blanks filled in, but it’s not necessary.  i know he did it.

luckily, he is currently serving a long sentence in peru.  unfortunately, he killed an innocent woman to get there.  i wish he could have been stopped, but he was always a step ahead of the police…or was working with them if you believe what some people say.  in aruba, i think he totally got away with it because of his social position and his father’s job.  but he didn’t have any of that in peru.  he was sloppy because his ego was that out of control.  and thank goodness that he was because that’s what got him caught and stopped.

i’m not one of those people who is waiting for natalie’s body to be found.  that poor girl is long gone.  i feel so bad for her family because they want and need that closure, and they’re never going to get it.  they were mistreated by the police in aruba, manipulated by van der sloot, and let down by the FBI.  i hope her parents and family can find the peace that they have been seeking for years.  they all have done great work motivated by their tragedy.  nothing will ever bring her back, but like in the case of adam walsh, good things can come out of tragedies.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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