true crime

7•9 | murderino monday

when people ask me about my favorite murder, i try to stress that it’s not just about the podcast.  it’s about the community that the podcast created.  i don’t feel weird about being fascinated by true crime anymore.  there’s so many inspiring stories that come out.  just today on a minisode, the girls talked about how the furrderino (one of the many subgroups on Facebook) came together to find a specific stuffed animal for a chimp at a wildlife refuge.  they found dozens of this one toy for the chimp.  i had goosebumps.  those kinds of things happen all the time.  but its the serious stories that give me all the feels.  below are screenshots from a woman’s story from Facebook.  this story explains why this community matters.  she’s a badass in part because of the MFM community.  i hope if i’m ever in that situation, i’ll be inspired to fight back and survive just like she did.

as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

click HERE to check out the my favorite murder podcast. (start listening from the beginning!)
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