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this is not “goodbye”. it’s “see you later”!

i am not closing my blog.  BUT, i need to take a break.  teaching full-time plus grad school has been difficult to manage at times.  i am set to finish grad school in may 2019.  it has been a lot of work so far, and i know that it will get more hectic as may draws closer.  because of this, i need to put the blog on the back burner.  don’t worry!  i will come back to it though!  i have had this blog in some form or another for over ten years.  i’m not abandoning it.  i just need some time to focus on getting grad school finished.

in the meantime, i will still be posting videos on my youtube channel.  i am thinking i can still get up at least two videos a week so go subscribe if you’re not already subscribed.  i’ll also be keeping up with both my personal and planner instagrams.

talk to you in may! 💛

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