true crime

5•13 | murderino monday

in early may, i went to an MFM live show with my sister!  we had a blast!  the stories were interesting, although neither contained a murder.  one was about a mom in east texas who attempted to kill her daughter’s rival and her mom over a spot on the local cheerleading squad.  karen was super funny with this one.  georgia’s story was a little more serious but had its own humorous moments.  it was an “i survived” story and contained a badass mom.  it was very uplifting.  THEN, skip hollandsworth showed up to close the show!  he’s one of my very favorite writers.  he was nervous at first, but ended up being so funny!  overall, i loved the experience and look forward to going again!

when my sister and i were shopping earlier in the day, we found these candles.  i kind of regret not grabbing them.
before the show with my sister.


we were so excited!
at the beginning of the show!
“shall we sit down?”
skip hollandsworth!  his favorite murder? bernie!


as always, stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

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