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whew! the past year has been kind of a roller coaster.  work was stressful on top of finishing up grad school.  i inevitably gained weight.  but it was more than i have ever gained.  i was ashamed and embarrassed.  i actually didn’t take any pictures for almost a year.

so needless to say, i had a lot of work to do.  in november, i was fed up.  i buckled down…just in time for the holiday season.  ugh…  but i made it through and maintained some semblance of balance.

by january, i felt really good and motivated.  i was serious about my goals and made this mind map to help me maintain focus.

there were a few stumbles, of course, but now it’s almost june and i’ve lost 25 pounds.  and i did it the right way.  i ate well, made realistic plans each week, and exercised regularly.  i didn’t starve myself, didn’t throw up, and didn’t give up.  i feel better than i have in a couple years mentally and physically.  i know there will be more slip ups.  i might even gain a bunch back, who knows?  but i know what i want and why i want it, and that’s keeping me focused right now.

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