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wash your hands.

what better time to revive the ol’ blog that during a global pandemic?

here’s a quick update:

there are currently six cases of COVID-19 in my city, but i’m sure there are many, many more.

i will be teaching from home for the next two weeks, but i’m sure there will be more time than that.  i will be surprised if we go back for the school year with the way things are going.  i am building short lessons for my kids, but i am not sure how it’s all going to work just yet.

we were not ready for this, and i don’t feel like my city is taking it seriously.

i was in denial that this thing was actually happening, and now that it is, I’m feeling all the feelings: fear, anxiety, uncertainty, restlessness, and yes, boredom.  i realize that i’m privileged though.  sometimes i forget, but hey, i’m human.  we all are.

i don’t know what to do besides live each day as it comes.  none of us know what to do.  not even our president.  especially our president.  but i won’t get started on that…

i’m not sure what to write about anymore, but i think i need to try.  whatever comes out is whatever is happening, and that’s life right now.

leave your comments below. i'd love to hear from you!

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