teachin' school

thoughts on digital learning after just one day.

i don’t like it. it’s not natural. but it’s what we’ve got for now.

my kids are craving interaction, and i’m going to do my best to give that to them. today, i just had them tell me how they’re doing.  it made me kind of emotional.  I MISS THEM.  and apparently they miss me too.  so i’m going to be writing lots of feedback for them, and we’re gonna use some zoom meetings to have some face-to-face contact.

i have to realize that this is not normal, and my expectations need to come down quite a bit. it is what it is, and we got to do what we got to do.

i’m going to do my best, but it’s not gonna be good enough to meet my standards. i have to come to terms with that.

this goes against so many things that i stand for. i’ve never been one for using only technology, even being an instructional technology coach. i’m all about blended learning, and there’s nothing blended about this.  however, i’m going to try to find a middle ground that works for me and my kids.

this is going to be harder than i thought. but we’re going to get through it together. and i’m sure i’m gonna learn a lot of things along the way that will make me an even better teacher now and in the future.

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