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the NEW 2020-2021 erin condren teacher lesson planner!

disclosure: i was lucky enough to receive a new erin condren teacher lesson planner in collaboration with EC, but i ordered some accessories and covers on my own to share with all of you! 🙂

the new coiled planner has TWO new different designs but the guts are the same as last year’s ECTLP, which is just fine with me!  i found last year’s design pretty functional for me as a high school teacher and instructional coach.

below is my unboxing and review video!  i go through all the new accessories that i picked up as well as an in depth review of the new ECTLP.  and below that, i have listed the changes to note as well as the two new exciting products to the line.

the general layout of the teacher lesson planner is the same as the previous planner.  if you’re curious how my ECTLP turned out this past year, i have a playlist on my YouTube channel full of periodic updates.  spoiler alert: i really liked the planner, and it worked well for me.

here is a list of the changes (and there are a lot this year!):

2 NEW design options of the coiled planner – oh so retro and kaleidoscope (i went with the bold retro design since i already used the life planner in kaleidoscope this past year.)

    • 8.5×11 size
    • 3 start dates to choose from: july (the one i always go with), august, and september  (they’ve always had the january option too, and i would guess that they will add it when it is closer.)
    • new interchangeable cover designs include the rainbow heart (personal fave), oh so retro, alphabet art, pretty paper clips, teach your heart out, and more!
    • new stickers – these are very similar to last year’s, which i really liked.  I’m glad they kept the overall style of them.
    • starts at $55 – add more for a different coil color other than platinum, more student checklists (up to 28), and more sheet protectors (up to 3)
    • great for people who take their planner with them to meetings, from school to home and back, etc.

NEW binder teacher lesson planner (oh so retro design only – but i bet they will come out with more!)

    • 8.5×11 size
    • standard 3-ring binder so it’s easy-peasy to add things or move things around
    • comes with the same guts as the coiled planner
    • $55 – no personalization options (gold rings and oh so retro binder are standard)
    • great for someone who wants some flexibility to add and take things out and who doesn’t necessarily want to travel with it.

NEW focused teacher planner – this is a gorgeous, streamlined, softbound teacher planner

    • 8×10 size
    • only comes in the camel color
    • very clean and neutral design
    • can personalize with blind imprinting if you’d like up to 3 letters
    • $35
    • comes with two satin ribbon pager markers
    • would travel well!
    • great for someone who is more of a functional planner who doesn’t need all the space and color of the other two options

NEW-ish accessories

    • oh so retro snap-in stylized sticky notes (i used the heck out of mine last year and i’m glad to have more in a new design!  these are $10.50, but worth it in my opinion.)
    • too cool for school sticker book edition 4 ($15.50 – also worth it!  these stickers are just adorable, and there is a nice mix of functional and fun.)
    • snap-in bookmark trio ($4.50)
    • colorful dual tip marker 10 pack ($22.50 – i don’t think you need these and i didn’t buy them, but if you love the EC markers, then go for it!)

what did i buy?

i’m going with the traditional coiled version again this year.  it works great for me and my planning style.  but, the two new options are great too!  i can see how the binder and focused planner would be perfect for certain planners.  i got all of the new accessories except for the marker pack along with some cute new covers.  feel free to watch my video if you want to see them all in depth.  in a couple months, i’ll do a set-up video so you can see how i plan to use the planner in the coming school year.

hope you enjoyed this review, and that it was helpful.  please leave me any questions in the comments on this post or my youtube video, and i’ll answer as best i can!

check the erin condren site out HERE if you’re interested and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

if you’ve already ordered before, you can also use THIS LINK to go straight to the EC store.  {full disclosure: it is an affiliate link. i make a small commission off any sales at no extra cost to you.  any money earned goes right back into my channel and blog.}  

happy planning, y’all!

2 thoughts on “the NEW 2020-2021 erin condren teacher lesson planner!

  1. Question! I am new to EC and having a really hard time coming to a decision of what to purchase. I am a Middle School Teacher (Keyboarding this year), Graduate student, and Mom of two. Do you and most others purchase multiple planners to accommodate? I am feeling a little overwhelmed but want to get started.

    Thank you for your time ❤

    1. I have multiple planners but you don’t need more than one. You could just use a teacher planner and repurpose one side for your mom and grad work. I’ve seen people do this and then just use the far right column for the weekend. It’s something to think about!
      Also think about if you want separation of these things or want them all together. I like to put away my teacher planner at the end of the day but you may want all of your life in one book. Just depends on what you need!

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