i’m taylor.  i’m thirty five. i’m college educated. i’m a teacher. i’m tattooed. i’m from texas and proud of it. i’m obsessed with live music. i’m a part-time hippie. i’m politically independent.  i’m a planner.  i’m foul-mouthed. i’m a christian. i’m curvy but fit. i’m a people-watcher. i’m a cat mama.  i’m young at heart. i’m punctual.

i feel alone. i feel loved. i feel independent. i feel spiritual. i feel unsure. i feel athletic.  i feel proud. i feel anxious. i feel restless. i feel artistic. i feel strong.

i’m addicted to . colored pens . tattoos . cooking . planning . traveling . purple highlighters . kickboxing . dark chocolate . beauty blogs and youtube channels . romantic movies . history channel documentaries . mma . reese’s . bravo reality shows . subscription boxes . family genealogy . specialty beers . nerdy musicians . holding babies . corny jokes

i have curly hair. i have a birthmark on the iris of my eye. i have a great yet stressful job. i have two parents who are still married to each other. i have two kitties with very unique personalities. i have a huge digital music collection. i have two younger sisters. i have been diagnosed with anxiety. i have newly discovered muscles. i have dreams of traveling the world. i have mad organizational skills. i have an obsession with fictional and true crime shows.

i write to . expel . teach . question . connect . understand . laugh . grieve . learn . explain . reflect

i will never be super skinny. i will never be graceful. i will never be rich. i will never be fat again. i will never be perfect. i will never stop hoping.  i will never give up.

if you have a question, feel free to ask.  i’m a {somewhat} open book.  email me at tattooedteacherintexas (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment below.


11 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi, I don’t have a blog, but I am a teacher and read blogs often. They inspire me! I’m new to your blog. How does one define clinical anxiety?

    1. Welcome, Kathy! I was diagnosed several years ago with anxiety by my doc and psychologist. I was medicated for awhile but decided to go with a more natural approach. It still causes me issues from time to time, but I use exercise, diet, and other things to keep it in check now.

  2. You have a great writing style and blog! I also love that rose planner…but I can’t get one:( I have no faith in myself to actually use it- lol. I love organization, however, I have no clue how to organize my organization supplies, therefore, creating even more stuff to figure out where it’s supposed to go….
    ❤️Greta (ps I found your blog from another blog I read regularly)

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