true crime

6•3 | murderino monday

as a plannerino, planning and true crime often collide in my world.  to commemorate my MFM live show, i created this memory keeping planner spread.  it was so fun to put together, and i know that i will look back on this spread and remember all the great times i had this week. as always,… Continue reading 6•3 | murderino monday

decorative planning


one of the things i love about virgo and paper is that all her designs are original art.  she’s a true artist, and i like supporting artists.  plus, she is super sweet and open to suggestions for items in her shop.  everything i’ve sent her as…”have you ever thought of…” has turned into a real… Continue reading new PLAN WITH ME!

healthy living

a new health update

whew! the past year has been kind of a roller coaster.  work was stressful on top of finishing up grad school.  i inevitably gained weight.  but it was more than i have ever gained.  i was ashamed and embarrassed.  i actually didn’t take any pictures for almost a year. so needless to say, i had… Continue reading a new health update