my favorite lifestyle blogs:

the mighty markup and panda poses– my youngest sister writes about the modern language in a hilarious way on the mighty markup.  she also provides editing services for essays, dissertations, books, and other writings at a reasonable price.  panda poses is her personal blog.  check her out!

laughs and giraffes and 918 plate – my adorable  “cousin-in-law” writes about her life, finishing college, her adoption experience, and much more on her lifestyle blog, laughs and giraffes.  at 918 plate, she and my cousin dish out (see what i did there?!) delicious recipes with lots of pictures.

skinny meg – she has lots of motivating stories and fitness tips from her own experience.  she also shares house updates and funny stories about her family.

the daily tay – this chicago comedian is high-larious.  she posts funny things almost every day.  plus, she loves her adorable dog and wears super cute outfits.

storyline blog – this blog is run by one of my favorite writers, donald miller.  there are new posts every day and i especially like the saturday morning cereal posts.

jamie the very worst missionary – she’s follows suit with the storyline blog with honest talks about faith.  a little humor never hurts either.

i am erin brown – (formerly fit mama training)  she is funny, sweet, and hardcore about getting healthy.  i love her youtube videos and blog posts.

my favorite beauty blogs:

cara loren – i honestly cannot pull off any of her looks, but i like seeing them.  i can usually get ideas from her.

lauren elizabeth – i love her advice on easy fashion and beauty.  i also enjoy reading about the things she shares about her life and kitties.

the small things blog – her hair tutorials are good for nearly everyone, including me and my mess of curls.  she also posts on make-up and skincare.

a couple people i follow on youtube: tati (aka glamlifeguru), jaclyn hill (my fave), maskcara, and makeup geek.

my favorite education blogs:

larry ferlazzo’s websites of the day – he posts A LOT.  but it’s all good and up to date info!

free technology for teachers – some of these ideas work and some of them don’t, but i still like reading this one.

ask a tech teacher – straightforward blog.  i usually read it once a week.

getting smart – this blog has tons of great ed tech articles.

the principal of change – i like his point of view.  he’s a progressive principal.  very interesting.

hack education – to be honest, this one is super informative but over my head sometimes.  i check it about once a month or so.


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