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9•8 | high five for friday!

oh hey there… yes, i’m still here.  i know the blog has been neglected lately.  i’m working on it and trying to carve out time.  i want to make it a priority, but youtube seems to be taking over.  i’m not giving up though!  i’m going to make it work!  bear with me! …one…    school… Continue reading 9•8 | high five for friday!

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7•21 | high five for friday!

…one…   i’m heading out in a couple days to go see my baby nephew, greyson.  he just turned one month!  can’t wait to squeeze him! ….two…   speaking of greyson, i was asked by my sister to part of his birth announcement.  my lettering is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s… Continue reading 7•21 | high five for friday!

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6•23 | high five for friday!

…one…   first and most importantly, my nephew was born this past weekend.  greyson is the cutest baby you’ve ever seen.  no really, he is!  i have the honor of doing the lettering on his birth announcement.  when it’s done, i’ll give y’all a peek! ….two…   father’s day was a fun one this year because… Continue reading 6•23 | high five for friday!

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6•9 | high five for friday!

…one…   my sister chase turned 30 this week!  she loves birthdays, and her excitement is contagious.  she has special needs and shows me every day that it’s the little things that matter. ….two…   my youtube channel and planner instagram are growing!  i recently passed 100 subscribers on youtube and i’m almost to 800… Continue reading 6•9 | high five for friday!

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january 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare} neutrogena hydro boost hydrating tint – i’ve been wanting a lighter foundation lately.  plus, my skin has been kind of dry with it being dry and cold lately.  i already use the hydro boost gel-cream, so i thought i’d try this one.  i LOVE it.  but i figured out pretty quickly… Continue reading january 2017 monthly favorites.

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1•27 | high five for friday!

…one…   i’m having a nephew!  (is that how you say it??  do i say i’m expecting a nephew?  this is weird.)  anyway…my sister is having a little boy!  my very first nephew.  so exciting!  wait…what do i do with a little boy?  i had sisters.  i have no idea what i’m doing.  this is… Continue reading 1•27 | high five for friday!


the dna results are in!

this is the part where i open with a bad maury povitch joke. but i won’t. 😃 i don’t know what i expected when started this process. but I kind of hoped for some surprises. there were some but nothing big. when you get the kit, it’s pretty straightforward. you spit into a tiny cup… Continue reading the dna results are in!