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january 2016 favorites.

{favorite beauty items}     amika bombshell blowout spray – game. changer.  my fine hair needs protection and texture.  this provides both.  i got it in my january birchbox, but found it for a little bit cheaper on amazon with free shipping because prime rocks. mac mineralize skin finish pressed powder – i was using… Continue reading january 2016 favorites.

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1•29 | high five for friday!

…one…   this is my 500th post, and i’m beyond excited to be featured as the H54F featured blogger this week!  how exciting!  i’ve been participating for several years now, and i still love sharing my week and getting a peek at how other people spent theirs.  during good weeks, it is a simple celebration.  and… Continue reading 1•29 | high five for friday!

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1•22 | high five for friday!

…one…   miranda lambert played this song this week, and it made me bawl my eyes out.  it’s called “scars”.  i hope she puts it on her new record.  what a beautiful song. ….two…   this was my first week of grad school.  i don’t know what i expected, but after looking at the syllabus,… Continue reading 1•22 | high five for friday!

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i’m a goal digger

i came across this graphic in a “good housekeeping” magazine last year.  i think i meant to use it…and i never did.  now i’m paying for that misstep. 2015 was a bit of a rollercoaster for me.  just this week, i looked back on my health notes from this past year.  i gained and lost… Continue reading i’m a goal digger

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1•1 | high five for friday!

…one…   happy new year!  this past year has been a strange one.  i can’t say it’s been bad though.  i discovered and accepted some different things about myself this year.  like the fact that i am more creative than i give myself credit for.  or that i want more from my job than just… Continue reading 1•1 | high five for friday!

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another new start

i was recently looking back at some old posts that i wrote about my health.  one thing i noticed right away was that i completely fell apart in 2015.  i was very focused in 2014, but this past year just didn’t go so well. y’all…it’s getting harder and harder to stay healthy.  as i get… Continue reading another new start


my 2015 goals visually

I spent my new year’s watching “the walking dead” marathon and reading the first “call the midwife” book. I know…excitement galore over here. I kind of missed the countdown too. oops. but it was nice to have a low key new year’s…in my pjs…eating pizza…watching tv and reading. it gave me some time to think… Continue reading my 2015 goals visually

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i’m done with “diets”.

i’ve watched a few very interesting documentaries on netflix recently, food inc., knives over forks, and hungry for change.  i would recommend all of these documentaries.  they all had great points about the food industry.  they kind of shook me up a little bit.  since watching them, i’ve thought about what i was/am doing to my body and… Continue reading i’m done with “diets”.

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my 2014 goals visually

Our ambitions don’t have to be exciting to be meaningful, they only have to be clear.     -Donald Miller i have never really bought into the whole “the secret” or the “vision board” thing.  it feels a little juvenile, but i was encouraged to try it so why not?  it took me a couple of… Continue reading my 2014 goals visually