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we’re living history, but will we learn from it?

as a world history teacher, i have often wondered what it’s like to live through major historical events. i like to look at historical pictures, videos, or even paintings and try to put myself in their shoes. but it’s difficult because i don’t have those big experiences to draw from. the only thing i can… Continue reading we’re living history, but will we learn from it?

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anxiety amplified

i’ve always been an anxious person. even thinking back on myself as a child, anxiety was just a part of who i was. and who i am. it’s something that i come by naturally. my whole family experiences anxiety in someway or another. except my dad. he’s pretty much cool as a cucumber all the… Continue reading anxiety amplified

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wash your hands.

what better time to revive the ol’ blog that during a global pandemic? here’s a quick update: there are currently six cases of COVID-19 in my city, but i’m sure there are many, many more. i will be teaching from home for the next two weeks, but i’m sure there will be more time than… Continue reading wash your hands.

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this is not “goodbye”. it’s “see you later”!

i am not closing my blog.  BUT, i need to take a break.  teaching full-time plus grad school has been difficult to manage at times.  i am set to finish grad school in may 2019.  it has been a lot of work so far, and i know that it will get more hectic as may… Continue reading this is not “goodbye”. it’s “see you later”!

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rising strong

it’s no secret that this winter has been tough for me.  they usually are.  but i made some mistakes, did some things i regret because i was feeling hurt and bitter.  in some twisted way, it was my way of reaching out for help.  and i needed it. it’s not “all better” or anything.  but… Continue reading rising strong

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new year, new goals.

i sat down the other day and planned out my one little word.  if you’re unfamiliar, it’s when you pick a word to build your goals around for the new year.  last year, mine was health.  i thought about all the ways i could support my health and all the kinds of health that i… Continue reading new year, new goals.

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12•15 | high five for friday! | december update

…one…   i was officially accepted to an accelerated masters program for educational leadership and policy building.  the last time i talked about grad school (about a year ago), i was quitting… i was bored and stressed out from the way that my school year was going.  so i quit.  maybe it wasn’t the best… Continue reading 12•15 | high five for friday! | december update

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those winter blues…

every december, i have a rough time.  it usually lasts about 4-7 days.  i don’t know i’m in it until i’m in the middle, when it builds crashes into me.  but once i actually realize it, i can pull myself out. two years ago, it happened during and right after Christmas. last year, it hit… Continue reading those winter blues…

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just call me “worst case scenario sally”.

yesterday was a rough day.  i took off from work to go to a couple of routine doctors’ appointments.  i woke up with the migraine i thought i had gotten rid of the day before.  but it was back with a vengence. at the first one, i was told that i am too fat and need… Continue reading just call me “worst case scenario sally”.

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9•8 | high five for friday!

oh hey there… yes, i’m still here.  i know the blog has been neglected lately.  i’m working on it and trying to carve out time.  i want to make it a priority, but youtube seems to be taking over.  i’m not giving up though!  i’m going to make it work!  bear with me! …one…    school… Continue reading 9•8 | high five for friday!

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7•21 | high five for friday!

…one…   i’m heading out in a couple days to go see my baby nephew, greyson.  he just turned one month!  can’t wait to squeeze him! ….two…   speaking of greyson, i was asked by my sister to part of his birth announcement.  my lettering is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s… Continue reading 7•21 | high five for friday!

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6•23 | high five for friday!

…one…   first and most importantly, my nephew was born this past weekend.  greyson is the cutest baby you’ve ever seen.  no really, he is!  i have the honor of doing the lettering on his birth announcement.  when it’s done, i’ll give y’all a peek! ….two…   father’s day was a fun one this year because… Continue reading 6•23 | high five for friday!

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6•9 | high five for friday!

…one…   my sister chase turned 30 this week!  she loves birthdays, and her excitement is contagious.  she has special needs and shows me every day that it’s the little things that matter. ….two…   my youtube channel and planner instagram are growing!  i recently passed 100 subscribers on youtube and i’m almost to 800… Continue reading 6•9 | high five for friday!

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may 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare} these are all products that i’ve either recently rediscovered or are my old faithfuls for the summer… loreal pro matte foundation – i’ve mentioned this one in the past but it’s back because it is the time of the year when it’s perfect to wear here in hot texas.  it stays… Continue reading may 2017 monthly favorites.