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teaching tip 72. they will tear a sub to shreds!

like sharks, they can smell blood in the water.  and by “they”, i mean your students.  your little angels will break a sub in just one day.  they will band together and refuse to do work, behave horribly, and get terrible notes from the substitute teacher. to ease this situation, prep the sub as best… Continue reading teaching tip 72. they will tear a sub to shreds!

teachin' school

teaching tip 8. don’t be the drowning lifeguard.

when i was 15, i got a job at a swimming pool in a rich neighborhood. the owner knew my dad, a former swim coach, and she basically just gave me the job. i was certified but wasn’t really ready for the responsibility of being a lifeguard. i could blow a whistle at running kids,… Continue reading teaching tip 8. don’t be the drowning lifeguard.

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teaching tip 71. for the veteran teachers

this will be my 11th year of teaching.  looking back, it seems like i started teaching yesterday.  but here i am…11 years later.  it’s been so hard and so fun and so transforming.  i’m the person i am because i am a teacher. but as i start my year 11 and in a leadership position,… Continue reading teaching tip 71. for the veteran teachers

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may 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare} these are all products that i’ve either recently rediscovered or are my old faithfuls for the summer… loreal pro matte foundation – i’ve mentioned this one in the past but it’s back because it is the time of the year when it’s perfect to wear here in hot texas.  it stays… Continue reading may 2017 monthly favorites.

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5•19 | high five for friday!

…one…   it’s the last day of school!! we got out so early this year.  i can’t say it was worth it.  we only got one week at christmas.  😦  but i’ll still take it.  graduation is tomorrow.  it’s always bittersweet, but i like the finality of it, the closing of a door and the opening… Continue reading 5•19 | high five for friday!

teachin' school

conversations with my students part 4

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 school is out tomorrow!  teaching is weird, y’all.  and funny.  and hard.  but so funny. 🙂  this is just a sampling of the strange conversations i have with my students every day. student: ma’am! can you see my butt crack? me: well, i’m not going to look, but… Continue reading conversations with my students part 4