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12•18 | murderino monday

  one of the questions that comes up a lot on MFM is – what is your gateway murder?  in other words, what is the murder that got you fully into true crime? i have thought about it.  i’m not sure.  i think it probably is charles manson.  i wasn’t alive when the murders occurred,… Continue reading 12•18 | murderino monday

true crime

12•11 | murderino monday

i recently read this article from texas monthly.  it’s about the murder of irene garza in mcallen, texas in 1960.  she went to confession during holy week and disappeared.  her body was found a few days later in an irrigation canal.  she had been beaten, strangled, and raped. since she had last been at confession,… Continue reading 12•11 | murderino monday

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11•27 | plannerino monday

for today’s murderino monday, i’m mashing up my love of MFM and planning.  i found a shop that offers planner stickers, including some MFM ones.  check out peanut butter taco! citrus gummy bear is another one that offers MFM planner supplies.  but there is so much stuff out there now in general!  just search “my… Continue reading 11•27 | plannerino monday

true crime

11•6 | murderino monday

i’m not going to talk about the murder of 26 people (this number may have gone up since i published) in south texas this weekend.  i’m so tired of talking about guns.  nothing is going to change until the majority of america is on board and we’re no where near that point.  beto o’rourke wrote… Continue reading 11•6 | murderino monday

true crime

10•30 | murderino monday

the most talked about case in texas right now is the very sad case of sherin mathews.  she was murdered by her adoptive father for refusing to drink her milk.  he originally said that she disappeared after he banished her to the backyard at 3 am.  i knew instantly that he was lying or not… Continue reading 10•30 | murderino monday

true crime

10•9 | murderino monday

holly bobo and her family can finally rest after they got a guilty verdict in their daughter’s murder trial. this is such a strange case with so many twists and turns.  (there’s too much to even give a cliff notes version – you can read about it HERE.)  i thought they would never find out what… Continue reading 10•9 | murderino monday

true crime

10•2 | murderino monday • #letterMFM

in september, i participated in the second round of letter MFM.  i had fun with it, but started to get burnt out toward the end.  it’s hard to see the actual artists killing it every week and mine are just not up to par.  however, i do think it was great practice for me and… Continue reading 10•2 | murderino monday • #letterMFM