frequently asked questions:

what do you teach?
A: high school social studies – this year it’s 10th grade world history.  i also do some instructional coaching, focusing on goal setting, growth, and evaluation support.

did you always want to be a teacher?
A: the short answer is yes.  i doubted myself throughout college, but after a tearful and tough conversation with my advisor, i changed my major.  i also had a particularly hard second year of teaching and went to career counseling.  by the end of that, i felt very secure in my decision to continue teaching.  now twelve years in, i love it.  it’s hard, i’m not going to lie.  but it’s what i’m meant to do and i’m good at it.  and now i can say, i enjoy it.

how many tattoos do you have?
A: seven currently.  i have a compass on my right wrist, let it be on my left arm, a flower on the back of my neck (spring break impulse buy), a vine on my right foot, a triskele on my left foot, a luckenbooth with a chi rho on my right hip, and an outline drawing of a cat i had in the past on my shoulder blade.

have you ever run into problems having tattoos as a teacher?
A: honestly, no.  a lot of my tattoos are visible.  i have always had cool principals and superintendents who have not had a problem with them showing.  there are many teachers in my school that also have tattoos. we recently changed the student policy at my school because they kept getting tattoos and we couldn’t control them covering them up.  it shows how my district thinks tattoos are okay.  i think they’re becoming more normalized, but there are some areas (especially in texas) that are pretty conservative and may look down on them.  my advice if you’re worried about it is to just ask what the policy is at your school.

did you design your own blog?
A: yes!  i used picmonkey (i have the royale subscription) to create the images and then i just use those to replace the stock ones on my wordpress template.  it’s a thrifty way to design.

where did you get the clipart you have on your blog?
A: etsy!  the pics are from this listing.  most of the paint swipes and glitter are from this one.

why did you choose the erin condren planner over others?
A: it just fits my style.  i’ve been using an eclp for four years.  it just works for me, and i like that it’s coiled and all together because i keep them as memory keepers.  i use the top part as a school to-do list and the bottom half for my afternoon/evening events and to-dos.   i plan semi-chronologically in the columns.  some people call it “vourly” because it’s a combo of the vertical and hourly style.

do you do sponsored posts?
A: it depends… i will only do sponsored posts for products or projects that i believe in and have experience with.  if you’re interested in having me do a sponsored post for your company or shop, please click the contact tab and send me a message with the info.