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i have been yo-yoing health-wise since around the age of 14.  i made some really terrible choices over the years involving restricting, over and under-exercising, and binging/purging over the years.  as i neared 30, i was sick of it.  mentally and physically sick of it.

because i have migraines and anxiety, being healthy has to be a priority.  for years, i tried everything you could think of.  nothing really did any good…until i got back to the basics and focused on me and what i need.

throughout the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, i struggled with some hormonal issues.  i gained more weight that i ever had in my life.  i felt very defeated.  but i’m back on the wagon and feeling motivated again.  i am hopeful that i can reach my goals even though to do that in the healthy way, i will have to stay focused and be patient.

for me, staying healthy is a struggle.  and it probably always will be.  i’m trying to make peace with that.  in the meantime, i’m just doing what i know works: diet and exercise.  the fad diets and get slim quick schemes are just noise.  i don’t need that crap anyway.  so follow along as i go along this rollercoaster just trying to hang on.  🙂



my healthy body board on Pinterest = fitness videos, workouts, and articles that i actually use.  {i won’t post it unless i’ve tried it out.}

my healthy living board = helpful and interesting articles about living a healthy lifestyle.

my healthy eating board = favorite recipes and food articles.

my vegg out! board – i’m not a vegetarian but i would say i am part-time.  maybe i’ll get there full-time someday, but i’m not there yet.  i still love bacon and chicken and steak, just only every once in awhile.  i have ventured into doing the weekday vegetarian thing, and i think that’s for me.

my favorite youtube channels

click HERE for my favorite youtube fitness videos playlist.

fitness blender – these workouts are great but have no frills.  i use this channel for at least three of my workouts each week.  i have a hard time concentrating with the longer workouts on this channel without music so play iTunes in the background to get you through it.  also, the exercises and combinations are unique.  i go to fitness blender for HIIT, kickboxing, and strength workouts.

sydney cummings – this trainer is a true athlete.  i like her workouts because she always gives modifications but still pushes you to make the most of every move.  she’s very motivating and positive.

tone it up – these two california trainers focus mainly on toning through yoga and pilates.  their videos are short, but effective.  i usually combine two or three for a full workout.  both girls are very inspiring and supportive.

jessicasmithtv – i first learned about this Miami based trainer from her dvds.  i have several of her dvds and love them all, especially the “cardio abs” and “10 minute solution kickboxing”.  i also have her “10 min solution bootcamp” too.  but her youtube channel is excellent.  i use her barre workouts, strength training, kickboxing, conditioning, and stretching videos.


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