i currently have seven tattoos. being a teacher, i have to be careful about what i put on my body (not that i would choose anything offensive) and where i put it. i do think times are changing though. there are many teachers including me at my small high school that have visible tattoos. i believe tattoos are becoming more mainstream and in a few years more teachers will be open to sharing their ink and the stories behind them. the students already don’t think it’s a big deal. they’ll maybe ask once what the meaning is behind a tattoo and then they won’t even see it anymore.

1. my first – a luckenbooth (scottish symbol for love and loyalty). it looks like a heart with a crown on top. it also has a chi rho in the middle. my friend jessica, an art student at the time, designed it. i got this tattoo when i was 21. i had it filled with color about five years later.

luckenbooth tattoo

2. a vine on the top of my foot. my best friend kat and i got semi-matching tattoos. mine only has leaves. it symbolizes growth and the parable of the vine from the new testament. it hurt so much! but i love it. and it looks pretty especially when i wear heels.

vine tattoo

3. a triskele – an old celtic symbol. it is three connected swirls. originally, it was meant to show life, death, and rebirth. but when the celts were converted to christianity, it changed to the trinity. my youngest sister and i got them on our feet. it also symbolizes my two sisters and me.

triskele tattoo

4. i have a small flower on the back of my neck near my hairline. it was an impulse tattoo that i got in taos, new mexico on spring break a couple of years ago. i forget that i have it until someone points it out.

flower tattoo

5. a compass on my right wrist. i am a geography teacher so i got it to make a memory of that experience and how it has shaped me as a teacher and person. my parents freaked about this one, saying i’ll never find another job. but i still hold that tattoos are becoming mainstream.

compass tattoo6. this tattoo is on the inside of my left arm right below the crook of my elbow. it says “let it be” in my own handwriting. i love the beatles and that’s one of my favorite songs.

"let it be" tattoo

7.  a memorial tattoo for my beloved cat, Luca on my left shoulder.  he was such a special creature and a true friend to me.  click HERE for the story.


i have plans for more, of course. they say you’re never done, and it’s true! i’m sure by the time i’m old, i’ll be all sleeved out! 🙂

some future ink ideas include a quote from the poisonwood bible (my favorite book), the tree trunk or tree from the giving tree (my favorite children’s book), something for “to kill a mockingbird”, an abstract globe, an ampersand, a bible verse (not sure which one), and a negative space tattoo of the beatles.

{i do have quality tattoos.  please excuse the poor quality of some of these photos.}



5 thoughts on “ink

  1. I just so happened to google “heavily tattooed teacher in texas” and found your blog. I like it! I have at the least 15 tattoos. Some are very large and I am nervous as heck about it as I work on my Alternative Teaching Certificates. I really dont see what the big deal is, but I have accepted the fact that I will probably be in long sleeve for years to come. I plan to follow you more on here in hopes of some cool insight in to teaching from the perspective of someone similar to myself.

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