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june planner stickers haul

this was a fun haul!  i got a very large order from gp sticker studio, one of my favorite shops, along with a bunch of others. you may be thinking…what happened to that no-spend?  um…well…i may have broken it.  but i’m buying more thoughtfully and making sure i have a spot for the kits that… Continue reading june planner stickers haul

creative projects · planner journaling

peek inside my planner | may 2017

i ended up with four really pretty spreads this month!  below is a video where i walk you through each of them and tell you what i liked and what i would have done differently.  these videos are some of my favorites to film.  and not just because they don’t require much editing! 🙂  i… Continue reading peek inside my planner | may 2017

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overview of my 2017-18 Erin Condren life planner

this is my fourth erin condren life planner and the best yet.  i say that every year, but somehow they make changes that i want.  i’m still #teamhourly.  this year’s planner has been simplified even more, which i actually like.  some people think it’s too neutral, but i like the blank slate.  i don’t use the… Continue reading overview of my 2017-18 Erin Condren life planner

true crime

5•29 | murderino monday

click HERE for my first murderino monday. for this week, i have a hometown murder story.  i have actually a couple, but this one has been on my mind lately so i’ll start with it… i grew up in a small town in the texas panhandle, and i have a small connection to the case.… Continue reading 5•29 | murderino monday

home sweet home

house update: lessons learned

it’s been one year since i bought my house! i have always loved my little house, but i’ve also been frustrated and angry at times too. i am a person who prepares for things, but i was not prepared for this adventure. things have thankfully calmed down but i’m always waiting for the next thing… Continue reading house update: lessons learned

creative projects · planner journaling

my first plan with me video!

below is my first plan with me video.  it was much harder than i thought it would be to film and edit.  but i learned some valuable lessons and will get better at it.  it was kind of weird talking to essentially myself for an hour.  i think i’ll get better at “making conversation”.  it… Continue reading my first plan with me video!

true crime

5•22 | murderino monday

several months ago, i found a podcast called “my favorite murder”.  it’s a comedy podcast during which two cohosts share the stories of interesting murders.  like i said, it’s a comedy podcast.  be warned: this one is not for everyone.  but for me, it is a perfect match.  it makes me comfortable to talk about… Continue reading 5•22 | murderino monday