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4•14 | high five for friday!

…one…   there are only five weeks left of my school year after this week.  it feels like we are getting out super early this year but it’s only a week or so early.  but i love the countdown to summer!  it’ll be here before we know it. ….two…   i started a youtube channel… Continue reading 4•14 | high five for friday!

teachin' school

teaching tip 70. never make big decisions in april.

april is the worst. it just is. in may, you can see the finish line.  things are winding down.  but in april, it’s still business as usual.  except the teachers are tired, the kids are restless, you’re in between state testing, there’s benchmarking, supplies are running out, school funds are dwindling…you get the idea. it’s just… Continue reading teaching tip 70. never make big decisions in april.

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how i use my EC hourly planner & my new YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

i decided to start a youtube channel mainly because planner girls kept asking me to.  i have been thinking about it for awhile, but i just didn’t know where to start and i kept doubting myself.  i also thought i needed equipment or something, but really it’s just about doing it.  so i got a tripod… Continue reading how i use my EC hourly planner & my new YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

music heals me

music mondays | 4•10

troy cartwright is a new favorite of the past few months.  his voice is just so pretty, and i really like his songwriting.  check out an accoustic version of “fade away” above.  he’s come to my town a couple times but i haven’t been able to catch him yet, but i will!

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april plan with me | that time my planner matched my blog!

previous plan with me’s: march | february | january  for this week, i used a kit by the glam planner called “room goals”.  really, i just bought it because it was the same clip art that i am currently using for my blog.  i just couldn’t resist.  i didn’t like all of the kit, but the… Continue reading april plan with me | that time my planner matched my blog!

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march 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare} i didn’t buy any makeup in march!  so i don’t have much to share, but i do have this… olay regenerist luminous light hydrating lotion and overnight mask.  i ran out of my day and night cream at the same time so i decided to try these.  i’m trying to step… Continue reading march 2017 monthly favorites.

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peek inside my planner | march 2017

i was so glad to see my more girly spreads from february gone.  i had some fun with march!  these spreads were diverse.  some had tons of color and some were neutral.  for some i used kits, and for some i didn’t.  it’s interesting to keep changing it up to see what happens.  i love… Continue reading peek inside my planner | march 2017