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i teach social studies (history, geography, government, economics…not all at once) at a small high school in west texas for at-risk students.  they come from all kinds of different backgrounds, but most of them have some kind of emotional issue and/or education deficiencies.  at first, it was really hard.  but now i’m in my tenth year there, and i love it.  it may take awhile to crack them open, but it’s worth it.  even on the hard days, i still laugh.

i’m also the 21st century learning coach, which means…well, i’m still figuring that out.  but mainly i help other teachers think through their teaching, incorporate new ideas, and encourage them to take risks.  i also help write grants for new programs and try out new ideas within my own classroom.

here’s a few of my personal sites and others that i use to gather ideas for school.  feel free to use anything off of mine.  i’m not great at updating things though.

my Teachers Pay Teachers account – i am just barely venturing into TpT, but i find it fascinating that teachers are sharing this way now.

my prezi account – prezi is an innovative presentation tool.  it’s cloud-based so i don’t have to worry about having a flash drive on me and i can work on them from anywhere.  most of my prezis are marked “public” so use anything you want.

my education technology pinterest board – this large board is full of tutorials and info about technology.

my 21st century learning pinterest board – so many innovative things to try!

my social studies pinterest board – this is strictly history, geography, government and economics info for middle and high school.

my classroom ideas pinterest board – this board has all kinds of general stuff and is mainly for high school.

my google/apple classroom pinterest board – we’re building our program this year.


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