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birthday memory plan with me!

for my birthday memory spread, i chose this “Brave” themed kit.  i love how it turned out!  the photos are gorgeous, and the colors are so bold and fun. click HERE to go to my unboxing and review of the 2019-20 EC life planner! check the erin condren site out HERE if you’re interested and want $10… Continue reading birthday memory plan with me!

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5•27 | high five for friday!

…one…   today is the last day of school!! ….two…   i have been moving slowly into my new house.  yeah, that happened!  it’s so exciting, and it’s been a big thing for me.  i’m grateful for all the support, encouragement, and congrats from all of my friends and family.  i’m learning something new every day! …three…… Continue reading 5•27 | high five for friday!

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5•22 | high five for friday!

…one…   my bday was this past weekend.  i spent the actual day alone, but the day before was fun.  i ended up having breakfast tacos with my bff.  that evening, i went to see the kiddos at prom and then dinner with some friends.  afterwards, i went to see pitch perfect 2.  (totally disappointed… Continue reading 5•22 | high five for friday!

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turning the big 3 – 0…i mean, 1

after thirty, birthdays just aren’t as special, are they?  it’s still a birthday and it’s still fun, but they lack that excitement and anticipation.  also, people don’t give a shit if it’s your birthday.  when you’re eight, everyone better know it’s your birthday and celebrate it no matter what.  this would be a weird expectation… Continue reading turning the big 3 – 0…i mean, 1

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happy bday to my sister from another mister.

my cousin is turning 30 today.  we make each other laugh. we have inside jokes.  we listen to each other cry and help each other mourn.  we let each other complain without judgement.  we help each other find solutions with great advice.  we also clash (especially over that doll with the pink dress christmas 1992).  she’s… Continue reading happy bday to my sister from another mister.

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5.16 | high five for friday!

(ONE) my 30th birthday is tomorrow!  up to this point, i’ve been kind of sad about it, but now i feel different.  i’m actually excited.  people have been telling me that you become comfortable with who you really are in your thirties.  i can finally see that now.  and i’m starting to feel it.  i can’t wait… Continue reading 5.16 | high five for friday!

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my favorite birthday story

so i’m turning 30 in a few days.  i’ve been thinking about it for months.  i’ve also been reminiscing about my past birthdays as my thirtieth creeps closer.  i’ve had some great birthdays.  i’ve had some okay ones too.  it’s not my favorite birthday, but my 21st birthday is definitely my favorite story… on the day after my… Continue reading my favorite birthday story