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10•21 | high five for friday!

…one…   sneak peak!  i just got my christmas tree in the mail this week.  my first real (fake) christmas tree!  the one i had while in my apartment was small because i just didn’t have the space for a bigger one.  i can’t wait to break this one out and get it decorated. i… Continue reading 10•21 | high five for friday!

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1•15 | high five for friday!

…one…   first things first…a friend’s mom (also a past school colleague and mentor to me) had surgery related to her breast cancer diagnosis.  the surgery went well, thank the Lord! ….two…   school has been a little crazy but good.  i’ve been really want this semester to leave school at school. my evenings are… Continue reading 1•15 | high five for friday!

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1•1 | high five for friday!

…one…   happy new year!  this past year has been a strange one.  i can’t say it’s been bad though.  i discovered and accepted some different things about myself this year.  like the fact that i am more creative than i give myself credit for.  or that i want more from my job than just… Continue reading 1•1 | high five for friday!

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12•18 | high five for friday!

…one…   i got my performance pay check yesterday…and immediately put it in savings.  it was a blessing to get it.  and today is the first day of winter break!!  the first semester was a good one, but i need those two weeks to recharge. ….two…   all of my presents are wrapped and beside… Continue reading 12•18 | high five for friday!


12•4 | high five for friday!

…one…   thanksgiving break was great!  i did get iced in while visiting my family and had to stay a few extra days, but i’m not complaining. 🙂 ….two…   i got my little tree put up this week.  this will probably be the last year that i use it because hopefully by this time… Continue reading 12•4 | high five for friday!

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12.20 | high FIVE for Friday!

(ONE) this friday is extra special because christmas break starts today!   i was feeling a little down last night so i went out and drove around last night, looked at Christmas lights and listened to music. it was what i needed. i may have lost some sleep but luckily, today’s a half day.  basically, i just… Continue reading 12.20 | high FIVE for Friday!

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12.13 | H54F!

(ONE) so…a deer plowed through a double-paned window and into our school on tuesday, hit a wall, and jumped right back out.  yeah, i work at a school in the country.  that was the most exciting thing to happen ever at our school. or so you would have thought.  haha!  we were all highly amused by… Continue reading 12.13 | H54F!

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finish the Christmas sentence…

1. my favorite Christmas was…around age 9 or 10.  it was the last real christmas with my grandparents on my mom’s side.  we got the giggles during the candlelight ceremony at church, someone put jingle bells on the dogs, an uncle was continuously telling corny jokes, the kids were running around the house, all the… Continue reading finish the Christmas sentence…

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12.6 | high five for friday!

(ONE) thanksgiving break was great.  i got to spend a few days with my family eating, laughing, watching movies, and catching up with each other.  i needed a little break…  good news, only two more weeks until christmas break.  bad news, only two more weeks until christmas break!  {i wrote about some christmas traditions earlier this… Continue reading 12.6 | high five for friday!

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christmas is 3 weeks away!

so some Christmas traditions… okay, so there’s the tree,  of course.  it’s just me so i have a little tree.  it’s pretty cute though.  i haven’t made it to hobby lobby for myChristmas/winter wreath stuff yet.  i’m planning that for this weekend! each year growing up, we picked an ornament.  on the bottom of it,… Continue reading christmas is 3 weeks away!