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WOW 1.7 | challenging myself

i did better through this past holiday season that last year.  that’s a good thing.  but i still made some mistakes and indulged a little too much.  so i’ve got some work to do.  but i’m excited about it.  i’m trying some different things to get back in the groove. i’m challenging myself to: push… Continue reading WOW 1.7 | challenging myself

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WOW 12.3 | back on the wagon

me: i’m taylor.  i’m a emotional eater.  and an under-exerciser.  and lover of self-loathing. my lovely readers: (in monotone) hi, taylor. so i finally broke the streak of non-activity and overeating.  it took me 22 days to get back on track.  holy crap.  i can’t remember the last time i went that long without working out. there… Continue reading WOW 12.3 | back on the wagon

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WOW 10.15 | finding my “beast mode” again.

the other day i was making a pile of clothes to iron.  (i hate ironing.  i think it’s the most obnoxious chore besides dusting, which is why all my clothes are slightly wrinkled and my furniture always has a layer of dust on it.)  and as i ironed each item, i tried it on…you know…just… Continue reading WOW 10.15 | finding my “beast mode” again.

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WOW 10.8 | getting refocused and reenergized

i have been off track.  i have not been focused on my health goals at all.  i haven’t been putting in the work.  in short, i’ve gotten lazy.  remember when i talked about my magic trick of gaining weight?  yeah, i’ve gained four pounds just since school started at the end of august.  i discovered that… Continue reading WOW 10.8 | getting refocused and reenergized

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WOW 9.24| i gotta go home and shower…

i love the oatmeal.  his sense of humor cracks me up.  he posted this comic this week and i love it.  it’s so true too.  i love the feeling of working out again, but there’s always the moment when i’m done when i think – i feel amazing!  but i hope i don’t run into… Continue reading WOW 9.24| i gotta go home and shower…

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WOW 9.10 | it never ends.

does anyone else avoid the scale and measuring tape when you’re just not ready to deal with whatever it says?  i usually do my measurements on the first of each month.  but this month, i’ve been dragging my feet.  i have the post all ready to go.  it just needs the numbers plugged in. and… Continue reading WOW 9.10 | it never ends.

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WOW 9.3 | back to the grind

school is back in session and i got my precious schedule back today.  i’ve said it before, but routine is my friend.  it helps me to stay on track and not turn to treats too much.  but it’s been hard getting back into it!  i’m more tired and have less time so i’ve been trying… Continue reading WOW 9.3 | back to the grind

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WOW 8.6 | “oh, you know… just diet and exercise.”

a few weeks ago, i ran into a friend of a friend that i haven’t seen in probably more than a year.  she immediately greeted me and then said, “wow, you look great!  what have you been doing?” i replied, “oh, you know… just diet and exercise.”  i think i even laughed at it. she… Continue reading WOW 8.6 | “oh, you know… just diet and exercise.”

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i’m done with “diets”.

i’ve watched a few very interesting documentaries on netflix recently, food inc., knives over forks, and hungry for change.  i would recommend all of these documentaries.  they all had great points about the food industry.  they kind of shook me up a little bit.  since watching them, i’ve thought about what i was/am doing to my body and… Continue reading i’m done with “diets”.

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6.20| high five for friday!

(ONE) i got back on the horse yesterday after a quick five day break from eating right and exercising.  i don’t know what it is, but when my daily schedule is disrupted or i’m on vacay, i just can’t stay on track.  so i planned out next week’s meals for the first time in a long… Continue reading 6.20| high five for friday!

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WOW 6.11 – a frustrating, enlightening, intriguing mess.

i’m finally getting into my summertime routine.  i’m doing my workouts in the morning, with everything taking about an hour or two.  that way i can just get it done and over with and i can’t make excuses.  i’m also trying to mix it up so that i don’t get bored.  i’m hoping to head… Continue reading WOW 6.11 – a frustrating, enlightening, intriguing mess.

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new and improved coffee creamer

i am a self-confessed {sort of} caffeine addict.  i don’t have to have it, especially in the summer when it gets super hot in texas.  but i sure do enjoy it when i have it.  sometimes i’ll just make it in the morning and then put my coffee mug in the fridge for an hour or… Continue reading new and improved coffee creamer

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WOW 6.4 – my one and only magic trick

so i have this magical ability to gain weight.  it’s crazy how fast i can pack on weight and not even realize it until a few weeks later.  i was off the wagon for about three straight weeks at the end of may.  i didn’t see the full extent of it until this past monday… Continue reading WOW 6.4 – my one and only magic trick

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WOW 5.14 – pushing forward

i’m staying focused on my clean eating.  i’m eating basically the same thing every day, but i am mixing it up a little bit.  breakfast is always my egg cups with organic southwestern veggies and some avocado.  lunch is brown rice, grilled chicken or ground turkey, and a veggie (usually broccoli or green beans).  i… Continue reading WOW 5.14 – pushing forward