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rising strong

it’s no secret that this winter has been tough for me.  they usually are.  but i made some mistakes, did some things i regret because i was feeling hurt and bitter.  in some twisted way, it was my way of reaching out for help.  and i needed it. it’s not “all better” or anything.  but… Continue reading rising strong

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those winter blues…

every december, i have a rough time.  it usually lasts about 4-7 days.  i don’t know i’m in it until i’m in the middle, when it builds crashes into me.  but once i actually realize it, i can pull myself out. two years ago, it happened during and right after Christmas. last year, it hit… Continue reading those winter blues…

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teaching tip 40. take care of yourself.

it took me a while to figure this one out.  my first few years, i was just trying to survive another day.  i was taking home work all the time.  i didn’t understand that i needed to carve out time for me.  i didn’t get it that i needed to take care of myself, emotionally and… Continue reading teaching tip 40. take care of yourself.

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the hold of the blues

depression is a funny thing.  for me, it comes and goes.  it runs in my family so i’m careful to be aware of it.  sometimes, it’s mild.  very rarely, it’s severe.  i had to see my doctor for it a couple of years ago, which was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done…and one… Continue reading the hold of the blues