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5.16 | high five for friday!

(ONE) my 30th birthday is tomorrow!  up to this point, i’ve been kind of sad about it, but now i feel different.  i’m actually excited.  people have been telling me that you become comfortable with who you really are in your thirties.  i can finally see that now.  and i’m starting to feel it.  i can’t wait… Continue reading 5.16 | high five for friday!

healthy living

what is real “fitspiration”?

there’s so much crap out there, mainly on pinterest and instagram, that is supposed to be inspirational to your health goals.  but i’ve found that most of it is not anywhere close to that. there are pictures (stylized, perfectly lighted, photoshopped pictures!) that show what women (and men, to be fair) are supposed to aspire… Continue reading what is real “fitspiration”?