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1•29 | high five for friday!

…one…   this is my 500th post, and i’m beyond excited to be featured as the H54F featured blogger this week!  how exciting!  i’ve been participating for several years now, and i still love sharing my week and getting a peek at how other people spent theirs.  during good weeks, it is a simple celebration.  and… Continue reading 1•29 | high five for friday!

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1•15 | high five for friday!

…one…   first things first…a friend’s mom (also a past school colleague and mentor to me) had surgery related to her breast cancer diagnosis.  the surgery went well, thank the Lord! ….two…   school has been a little crazy but good.  i’ve been really want this semester to leave school at school. my evenings are… Continue reading 1•15 | high five for friday!

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1•1 | high five for friday!

…one…   happy new year!  this past year has been a strange one.  i can’t say it’s been bad though.  i discovered and accepted some different things about myself this year.  like the fact that i am more creative than i give myself credit for.  or that i want more from my job than just… Continue reading 1•1 | high five for friday!

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12•18 | high five for friday!

…one…   i got my performance pay check yesterday…and immediately put it in savings.  it was a blessing to get it.  and today is the first day of winter break!!  the first semester was a good one, but i need those two weeks to recharge. ….two…   all of my presents are wrapped and beside… Continue reading 12•18 | high five for friday!


12•4 | high five for friday!

…one…   thanksgiving break was great!  i did get iced in while visiting my family and had to stay a few extra days, but i’m not complaining. 🙂 ….two…   i got my little tree put up this week.  this will probably be the last year that i use it because hopefully by this time… Continue reading 12•4 | high five for friday!

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8•21 | high five for friday!

…one…   ugh…this week, y’all.  not one for the books.  i wasn’t even going to do it, but i’ve been bad about not doing my high five for friday posts.  i say it’s because i don’t have much going on, but the truth is, i can always find something good that has happened to write… Continue reading 8•21 | high five for friday!

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11.28 | high five for friday!

…one…   i only had one and a half days of school this week.  and that was a blessing because…i needed a break. ….two…   i caught up on all of the serial podcast episodes on my drive down to see my parents.  the story is riveting.  and since it’s in real time, you don’t… Continue reading 11.28 | high five for friday!

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teaching tip 43. say “thank you”.

this week is teacher appreciation week.  for these five days, people go out of their way to make us feel acknowledged and valued.  well…in the best way that they can. to be honest, teachers are not very good at being “appreciated”.  it makes us uncomfortable.  we’re the ones who are giving, and it’s difficult to accept… Continue reading teaching tip 43. say “thank you”.

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an open letter to my home state

dear texas, i love you. seriously…i freaking love you.  you are beautiful with your colorful canyons, cool rivers, rolling hills, stark deserts, piney wood forests, open plains, and long coastline.  not much can compare to one of your west texas sunsets. you have such a wonderful blend of people from all different kinds of backgrounds.… Continue reading an open letter to my home state

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2.14 | high five for friday!

(ONE)  happy valentine’s day!  it’s not my favorite holiday, but i’m grateful for all the love i have in my life from my friends and family.  the past two weeks brought a lot of sadness and some disappointment.  i keep going back to this quote about hope.  i think i’ve done a good job lately of… Continue reading 2.14 | high five for friday!

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10 things…i’m thankful for

in no real particular order… 1.  my entire family – they’re all insane but in the best possible way.  we keep in touch better than we used to, but i hope that i can connect with all of them better in the future.  my relationship with my parents in particular is SO much better than… Continue reading 10 things…i’m thankful for

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the gratitude jar

i just love pinterest.  there are always such creative and original ideas on there.  i get sucked in every time.  i don’t know how much time i’ve lost on that stupid site, but it’s a lot.  and then i got it on my phone…it was all over. so i found this idea a couple of… Continue reading the gratitude jar