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a new health update

whew! the past year has been kind of a roller coaster.  work was stressful on top of finishing up grad school.  i inevitably gained weight.  but it was more than i have ever gained.  i was ashamed and embarrassed.  i actually didn’t take any pictures for almost a year. so needless to say, i had… Continue reading a new health update

healthy living

may 2018 update

weighing.  i didn’t weigh, but i know i gained some.  i noticed some things about my body that told me this.  i don’t feel the need to actually weigh right now though. diet.  i have not completely abandoned my weekday vegetarian thing.  in fact, i would like to work my way back to it.  i’m still… Continue reading may 2018 update

healthy living

april 2018 update

weighing.  i have lost three pounds.  it’s not much but we’re finally moving in the right direction. weekday vegetarian.  still doing this well!  i was kind of skipping meat on the weekends, but have now purposefully added it back in.  but i’m very picky about my meat so it has to be high quality and… Continue reading april 2018 update

healthy living

march 2018 update

weighing.  i have gained more weight, sadly.  i am not really sure why.  i am eating well, but i refuse to change it or restrict it to something unhealthy.  i could be working out more and harder so that’s what i’m going to try.  i also need to watch my portions.  but still…i don’t know what’s going on.  i think i… Continue reading march 2018 update

healthy living

february 2018 update

weighing.  i actually gained weight, which seems crazy.  but i have toned up some so maybe it’s muscle building. i am excited to see some actual changes.  the number can motivate me.  it’s obviously not doing that right now, but maybe i’ll take my measurements to see a more accurate view in the future. weekday… Continue reading february 2018 update

healthy living

january 2018 update

okay… so we are about halfway through january so that’s a good point to reflect on how the month is going. i still haven’t weighed.  i don’t want to obsess, which can totally happen.  i used to weight almost every day and i know how damaging that can be for me so i try to… Continue reading january 2018 update

healthy living

trying a new thing…

so i have tried pretty much every diet out there in my 33 years.  i used to yoyo diet to my own detriment.  in the past few years, i’ve focused on more healthy things like balanced food groups, smaller portions, and meal prepping.  i had a lot of success with whole 30.  but once i… Continue reading trying a new thing…

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just call me “worst case scenario sally”.

yesterday was a rough day.  i took off from work to go to a couple of routine doctors’ appointments.  i woke up with the migraine i thought i had gotten rid of the day before.  but it was back with a vengence. at the first one, i was told that i am too fat and need… Continue reading just call me “worst case scenario sally”.

healthy living

self care ideas

my word of the year is health.  we’re nearing the end of the year and i feel like i did a pretty good job of sticking to it as my focus. my plan was (and is) to be conscious of what my mind, body, and soul need.  i’ve made heath my priority, and i definitely… Continue reading self care ideas

healthy living

whole 30 | round 2

since passing the 30 day mark back in february, i’ve had some missteps. i work well with constraints and guidelines. so when i didn’t have them anymore, i made some mistakes. it happened slowly, so slowly that i didn’t realize that it was really affecting me until about may.  it wasn’t that bad but i… Continue reading whole 30 | round 2

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2•17 | high five for friday!

…one…   the school year is ⅔ done!  the spring semester always goes by in a flash.  but i have some fun stuff coming up.  i like the busyness and the pressure on some level.  it keeps things interesting.  and SXSWedu is in just a couple weeks!! ….two…   i was featured in one of my… Continue reading 2•17 | high five for friday!

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2•3 | high five for friday!

…one…   love this quote! ….two…   this week’s spread has been making me happy all week!  i got this sticker sheet from oh hey sticker co and built it around that.  so much fun! …three… i had a minor surgery this week to remove some (very likely) skin cancer.  i’m “allergic to the sun”… Continue reading 2•3 | high five for friday!

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whole 30 | week 3

click HERE for why i’m doing this. so i broke down and had some quinoa one night because i just wanted to. and then several days later, i had some breaded onion rings at school. i couldn’t resist them. but if that’s the worst i’ve cheated this whole time, i still think it’s fine.  remember… Continue reading whole 30 | week 3

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whole 30 | the beginning

what is it? a 30 day plan to reset your body followed by a reintroduction period to discover intolerances. this is not a diet and is meant to be temporary.  how long is it if it’s temporary? 30 days initially. then you can pick how much time you want to spend reintroducing different food groups… Continue reading whole 30 | the beginning

healthy living

here i am again.

it’s a lifelong thing – trying to stay healthy.  it doesn’t come easy to me.  it never has.  since middle school, i’ve struggled with my weight and health.  i’ve tried every healthy and unhealthy thing to get myself to where i want to be.  but really, it’s just old fashioned diet and exercise that do it… Continue reading here i am again.