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12•15 | high five for friday! | december update

…one…   i was officially accepted to an accelerated masters program for educational leadership and policy building.  the last time i talked about grad school (about a year ago), i was quitting… i was bored and stressed out from the way that my school year was going.  so i quit.  maybe it wasn’t the best… Continue reading 12•15 | high five for friday! | december update

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those winter blues…

every december, i have a rough time.  it usually lasts about 4-7 days.  i don’t know i’m in it until i’m in the middle, when it builds crashes into me.  but once i actually realize it, i can pull myself out. two years ago, it happened during and right after Christmas. last year, it hit… Continue reading those winter blues…

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trying a new thing…

so i have tried pretty much every diet out there in my 33 years.  i used to yoyo diet to my own detriment.  in the past few years, i’ve focused on more healthy things like balanced food groups, smaller portions, and meal prepping.  i had a lot of success with whole 30.  but once i… Continue reading trying a new thing…

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self care ideas

my word of the year is health.  we’re nearing the end of the year and i feel like i did a pretty good job of sticking to it as my focus. my plan was (and is) to be conscious of what my mind, body, and soul need.  i’ve made heath my priority, and i definitely… Continue reading self care ideas

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whole 30 | round 2

since passing the 30 day mark back in february, i’ve had some missteps. i work well with constraints and guidelines. so when i didn’t have them anymore, i made some mistakes. it happened slowly, so slowly that i didn’t realize that it was really affecting me until about may.  it wasn’t that bad but i… Continue reading whole 30 | round 2

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may 2017 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare} these are all products that i’ve either recently rediscovered or are my old faithfuls for the summer… loreal pro matte foundation – i’ve mentioned this one in the past but it’s back because it is the time of the year when it’s perfect to wear here in hot texas.  it stays… Continue reading may 2017 monthly favorites.

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5•19 | high five for friday!

…one…   it’s the last day of school!! we got out so early this year.  i can’t say it was worth it.  we only got one week at christmas.  😦  but i’ll still take it.  graduation is tomorrow.  it’s always bittersweet, but i like the finality of it, the closing of a door and the opening… Continue reading 5•19 | high five for friday!