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12•11 | high five for friday!

…one…   this past weekend, i had the opportunity to go to a gender reveal party.  it wasn’t my first one, but it was probably the best one.  the theme was ugly christmas sweater.  red for a girl, green for a girl.  i happened to be the one to open the gift during the ornament… Continue reading 12•11 | high five for friday!

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adventures in online dating.

a few years ago, i got frustrated with my dating life and i gave a go.  just so you know…that shit is expensive!  and they put you on automatic renewal every few months.  it also takes a very long and drawn out conversation with a customer service rep to get out of it.  it… Continue reading adventures in online dating.

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9.12 | high five for friday!

…one…  i had a great week at school!  like seriously, great.  i wasn’t expecting it because it’s homecoming week and usually the kids are a little crazy.  but this week was calm, full of laughter, and nearly problem free.  (i say that now and it’s almost like i’m jinxing my next week.  🙂 oh well!)… Continue reading 9.12 | high five for friday!

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oh, netflix…i don’t think you get me.

i got netflix this summer to try it out and because summer television is not the greatest.  i knew i’d have some free time.  plus, it’s pretty cheap. but the real reason was because i wanted to see the second season of “orange is the new black”. (i was not disappointed.) i’ve noticed something though…… Continue reading oh, netflix…i don’t think you get me.

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10 things…they don’t tell you about being a teacher.

i’m keeping it real today.  here are ten things they don’t tell you about being a teacher.  they are things that you definitely won’t hear in a college education course or even during your first few years of teaching.  they are probably things that you will learn through your own experiences. 1.  you’ll have to… Continue reading 10 things…they don’t tell you about being a teacher.

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5.16 | high five for friday!

(ONE) my 30th birthday is tomorrow!  up to this point, i’ve been kind of sad about it, but now i feel different.  i’m actually excited.  people have been telling me that you become comfortable with who you really are in your thirties.  i can finally see that now.  and i’m starting to feel it.  i can’t wait… Continue reading 5.16 | high five for friday!

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5.9 | high five for friday!

(ONE) it was teacher appreciation week this week.  i almost wish they had it earlier in the year when the teachers weren’t so tired and the kids weren’t so annoyed by everything.  🙂  but happy teacher appreciation week to all the teachers out there! (2) you see what that is?  that’s paul freaking mccartney tickets right there.… Continue reading 5.9 | high five for friday!