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WOW 2•25 | almost done!

i realized this week that i have one more week left of my 8 week fitness blender program.  i finished day 45 yesterday.  that’s awesome for me!  i was worried that i would give up or get bored and not finish and now i am just a few workouts away from finishing the whole workout… Continue reading WOW 2•25 | almost done!

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WOW 2•18 | don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

i’ve been struggling with my motivation for the past couple of weeks.  i finished day 36 (out of a total of 38 so far) of my fitness blender 8 week challenge.  for some reason, missing those two days so far has really bothered me.  i wanted to stick to it.  but things come up.  life… Continue reading WOW 2•18 | don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

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WOW 2•11 | impatience and persistence

so… no progress on the scale. most of the time i’m okay with that because i know that i’m working hard.  but there are these moments when i get so discouraged and pissed off.  it’s been a month and i’m not really dropping any lbs. i found this picture above last year when i was looking… Continue reading WOW 2•11 | impatience and persistence

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WOW 2.4 | the halfway point

i’m currently working on week four of my fitness blender 8 week challenge.  last week was probably the hardest yet.  i missed my sunday workout due to a migraine and a deep need for sleep.  i felt bad about it, but i didn’t think it would help that specific situation. the thing is (that i… Continue reading WOW 2.4 | the halfway point

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WOW 1.28 | balance

  my “word of the year” is balance.  every day is hard with that simple word.  i guess i didn’t realize how hard it was going to be when i chose it.  it’s difficult to let myself have treats when i feel like i’m working so hard on my workouts and eating well the majority… Continue reading WOW 1.28 | balance

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WOW 1.21 – this girl can

i saw this video on buzzfeed over the weekend.  it was made by an organization in the UK to encourage more women to get active.  the tagline is this girl can.  i watched it twice in a row.  i love the little sayings throughout the video like –  i jiggle, therefore i am and sweat like… Continue reading WOW 1.21 – this girl can

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a little fitness motivation for 2015

i’ve been working this week on getting back on schedule with my health goals after indulging in the holidays.  i’ve also been thinking about my goals for the new year.  call them resolutions if you want.  so far, so good.  my goals for the year are written.  (i’m sharing them on january 1st.)  but i’ve… Continue reading a little fitness motivation for 2015

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WOW 7.2 – back to normal, whatever that is.

i had some slip-ups over the weekend, but nothing too crazy.  i’m starting to incorporate some old workouts back into my routine.  i’m still doing my couch to 5k and strength training.  the running is getting rough though.  i’m not enjoying it at all.  so i’ve been doing more kickboxing and started back at some… Continue reading WOW 7.2 – back to normal, whatever that is.

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WOW 6.25 – ways to make running suck less for the beginner

first off – i’m not a runner.  i hate it.  running sucks for me.  i envy those people who “enjoy” running and pass me about a million times at the park.  but i’m challenging myself to run this summer three to five times a week for at least thirty minutes.  i’ve done it before and… Continue reading WOW 6.25 – ways to make running suck less for the beginner

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6.20| high five for friday!

(ONE) i got back on the horse yesterday after a quick five day break from eating right and exercising.  i don’t know what it is, but when my daily schedule is disrupted or i’m on vacay, i just can’t stay on track.  so i planned out next week’s meals for the first time in a long… Continue reading 6.20| high five for friday!

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WOW 6.11 – a frustrating, enlightening, intriguing mess.

i’m finally getting into my summertime routine.  i’m doing my workouts in the morning, with everything taking about an hour or two.  that way i can just get it done and over with and i can’t make excuses.  i’m also trying to mix it up so that i don’t get bored.  i’m hoping to head… Continue reading WOW 6.11 – a frustrating, enlightening, intriguing mess.

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WOW 6.4 – my one and only magic trick

so i have this magical ability to gain weight.  it’s crazy how fast i can pack on weight and not even realize it until a few weeks later.  i was off the wagon for about three straight weeks at the end of may.  i didn’t see the full extent of it until this past monday… Continue reading WOW 6.4 – my one and only magic trick

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from a hot mess to another new beginning.

sorry for the radio silence lately… i’ve been going through it. just been in a funk.  it happens sometimes.  i’ve learned to deal with it, but occasionally it holds on for longer than i’d like.  the anxiety is the cause.  i know and recognize that.  but the blues, man?  that always surprises me. my fitness/food… Continue reading from a hot mess to another new beginning.

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WOW 5.14 – pushing forward

i’m staying focused on my clean eating.  i’m eating basically the same thing every day, but i am mixing it up a little bit.  breakfast is always my egg cups with organic southwestern veggies and some avocado.  lunch is brown rice, grilled chicken or ground turkey, and a veggie (usually broccoli or green beans).  i… Continue reading WOW 5.14 – pushing forward