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7•8 | high five for friday!

…one…   i did nothing productive this week.  that’s what summer is for, right?  but seriously, it’s getting kind of ridiculous.  i’ve had too much time on my hands, and if i watch one more minute of the news, i’m going to cry. i’ve got to get back to my workout schedule and other productive… Continue reading 7•8 | high five for friday!

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3•11 | high five for friday!

i spent the week in Austin so i’m going to do the five highlights of the week.  …one…   i had the honor to see and meet several great speakers this week, but Temple Grandin was my favorite.        ….two…   at the conference, there was a space called the playground. i spent a… Continue reading 3•11 | high five for friday!

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2•26 | high five for friday!

…one…   harper lee passed on this week.  the reason i’m putting it on this list of good things is because i’m grateful for her and her works.  she was an amazing although illusive person. ….two…   in one week, i’ll be prepping for five days in austin.  i’m lucky enough to go to the south… Continue reading 2•26 | high five for friday!

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2•19 | high five for friday!

…one…   valentine’s day cards from my mama and sister!  i love them both, but the chocolate one cracks me up.  🙂 ….two…   my february birchbox was beautiful!  i liked everything but didn’t love them.  the shower gel was just…shower gel.  the mask was kind of cool, but i like pretty much every mask.… Continue reading 2•19 | high five for friday!