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7•9 | murderino monday

when people ask me about my favorite murder, i try to stress that it’s not just about the podcast.  it’s about the community that the podcast created.  i don’t feel weird about being fascinated by true crime anymore.  there’s so many inspiring stories that come out.  just today on a minisode, the girls talked about… Continue reading 7•9 | murderino monday

true crime

6•25 | murderino monday

i recently found a youtube channel from kendall rae.  it’s been around for awhile, and i wish i had found it sooner.  the videos are very well researched, and i like her storytelling style.  i’m not into all of her videos though (paranormal and alien stuff doesn’t really appeal to me), but her true crime… Continue reading 6•25 | murderino monday

true crime

they caught him.

they caught the east area rapist/visalia ransaker/golden state killer. it’s the next day, and it still doesn’t seem real.  i legit cried at my desk yesterday at work because i was so happy and relieved and excited.  mostly, i was crying because michelle mcnamara didn’t live to see it.  and she so deserved to. but her husband picked up the torch and led the way… Continue reading they caught him.

true crime

3•19 | murderino monday

diving into MFM has really changed my perspective on myself and i am much more open about my interest in true crime.  the community is amazing.  it’s supportive, diverse, open, and socially conscious.  but one of the things that happened when we began to share on such a large scale was/is that it is drawn into the… Continue reading 3•19 | murderino monday

true crime

12•18 | murderino monday

  one of the questions that comes up a lot on MFM is – what is your gateway murder?  in other words, what is the murder that got you fully into true crime? i have thought about it.  i’m not sure.  i think it probably is charles manson.  i wasn’t alive when the murders occurred,… Continue reading 12•18 | murderino monday

true crime

12•11 | murderino monday

i recently read this article from texas monthly.  it’s about the murder of irene garza in mcallen, texas in 1960.  she went to confession during holy week and disappeared.  her body was found a few days later in an irrigation canal.  she had been beaten, strangled, and raped. since she had last been at confession,… Continue reading 12•11 | murderino monday

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11•27 | plannerino monday

for today’s murderino monday, i’m mashing up my love of MFM and planning.  i found a shop that offers planner stickers, including some MFM ones.  check out peanut butter taco! citrus gummy bear is another one that offers MFM planner supplies.  but there is so much stuff out there now in general!  just search “my… Continue reading 11•27 | plannerino monday