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i’m a goal digger

i came across this graphic in a “good housekeeping” magazine last year.  i think i meant to use it…and i never did.  now i’m paying for that misstep. 2015 was a bit of a rollercoaster for me.  just this week, i looked back on my health notes from this past year.  i gained and lost… Continue reading i’m a goal digger

healthy living

WOW 10•28 | and we’re back again.

i’m starting up my WOW posts because i need it.  i need to reflect and figure out why i keep messing up big time.  i know little mistakes and slip-ups will happen.  that’s life.  but these huge sidesteps and reroutes are ridiculous.  and the thing is i know i’m doing it.  i’m just letting it… Continue reading WOW 10•28 | and we’re back again.

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WOW 7•22 | just keep swimming

it’s been a hot minute since i’ve done a workout wednesday post! actually…it’s been a lot of minutes. but i’m back! almost a month ago, i had a car accident.  it wasn’t a terrible one considering, but i went to the hospital because of the black and purple bruises covering my torso from the seatbelt.  i… Continue reading WOW 7•22 | just keep swimming

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WOW 5•20 | well hello there, kickboxing. it’s been awhile.

this time of the year is kind of crazy.  it’s hard to stay on schedule.  but i’m trying to make it work as best i can.  i’m not tracking my food every day, but almost every day.  and i’m still working out consistently 4-6 times a week.  i kind of miss the booty program, but… Continue reading WOW 5•20 | well hello there, kickboxing. it’s been awhile.

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WOW 5•6 | the never ending plateau

 so i took my measurements this past weekend. no real changes except in the boob area. seriously? i mean, I always want them smaller. but what about the rest of my body? maybe take from there too?! but whatever… i’m almost used to the no progress/plateau thing. it’s been going on so long that i… Continue reading WOW 5•6 | the never ending plateau

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WOW 4•29 | ch-ch-ch-changes

i’m struggling a bit lately.  my funk (aka anxiety) is back and i feel like a mess some of the time, but i’m keeping it together.  it’s not as strong as it has been in the past so i hope its stay will be brief and light.  focusing on my health goals is helping.  i’ve… Continue reading WOW 4•29 | ch-ch-ch-changes