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a brand spanking new year


who knows what you will hold…

every year, it’s the same old thing.  resolutions about my weight or love life.  i end up doing a strict diet for weeks at a time, falling off the wagon, and having to start all over.  i have plans when i go out with friends about running into someone new and am disappointed at the end of the night.

but those resolutions never come to fruition.  i think i’m finally finding out why.  i make too many plans.  it makes me feel safe to have plans, but it also limits me to a predetermined path for myself.  now where’s the fun in that?  where’s the excitement?

so i am not making any resolutions this year for a change.  yes, it will make me anxious.  it will make me uncomfortable.  but i’m 28 now.  old enough to know that life is short.  and it’s too short to worry.

i have faith that i will find that man to share my life with.  i have no idea who he is, what he looks like, or what his name is.  but i know he is out there.  i doubt that sometimes…like at the strike of midnight on new years as i sat there alone while all my friends kissed their significant others.  but i have to have the hope.  the hope is everything.  the obsessive worrying is not.